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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pass of All Passes

So there is this thing in Utah called the Pass of All Passes. It is an ID card that you pay for that gets you into 7 Peaks, Trafalga (which has mini golf, go-carts, laser tag, etc... it also get's you into Owlz games and some Bees games and other random stuff. The card lasts for a year and it goes for $80 these days. I bought mine for $30 with an online deal. Some of my friends created a facebook group called The Group of All Groups for all of the people who had a Pass of All Passes to let each other know when we were going to go to stuff so we could all get the most use out of our Pass of All Passes.

It is a good thing I got a good deal on mine because I have not really used it. Every time my friends would go, I would be at work. I went to the batting cages once and then tonight I finally used it again. A few of us went to Trafalga in Lehi, which used to be "Liberty Land" until Trafalga bought it. My friend Dantzel and I had been talking about going for forever. We were finally doing it. We got there and signed up for laser tag right away. Let's be honest... that was the real reason why we were there. Everything else was just a bonus. We were going to ride the bumper boats... but decided we didn't really want to get that wet so we signed up for another game of laser tag before heading home.

The first time we played laser tag, there were 40 people. It was crowded and there were 4 teams. We were on the green team... oh and we dominated. Just sayin. I am not usually that great at laser tag, but I got 2nd best score on my team (I'm Dante) and then 5th best out of 40 total playing. Not bad huh? As a team... we beat everyone else. nbd (no big deal).

The second time we played it was a lot smaller and it was all adults. Adults that were WAY too into it. Like Barney on "How I met your Mother". We got second place that round, and I got second best again from my team... but Oliver left with contentious feelings. We all did. The other team took it way too seriously. Some people and their laser tag. Geez! ha ha. All and all we had  a great time. Hopefully I will get to use my pass a lot more before it expires. Make it worth the money.


Lori said...

The Group of all groups for the pass of all passes! haha, cool. It kinda sounds like the axxess card you can buy in SB.

jamie hixon said...

The Group of All Groups for the Pass of All Passes. Funny. Glad you used it a little bit.