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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 134

So my tongue finally stopped hurting... but now I'm sick. Came out of nowhere. I felt fine all day on Monday and then right as I was getting into bed.... BAM! Sick with a cold. Usually I just deal with colds, but the next day I went into work 2 hours late because I felt like crap. Then I was at work for 2 hours. The entire time I was there I couldn't stop sneezing. My co-worker could hear me through the wall and she told me she felt bad and that I could go home if I wanted. I told her I would stick it out. Honestly I hate wasting days off.... I would rather use them for vacation. However, have you ever sneezed so many times in a row that you thought your head might explode? That is how I felt. It was awful. So I decided to go home. I went to the store first and picked up some Nyquil... took some and slept for 4 or 5 hours. Already I felt a bit better after that. Took some more Nyquil later that night and slept more. I am still feeling groggy and stuffed up and not great, but I have been going to work and dealing with it. My manager even let me go a little early today which was nice. Not sure why I have been so sick lately. I am usually not one that gets sick a lot.

Both of my new roommates are all moved in. They are so great. Well.... I already knew that Megan was great (although I have not seen too much of her since she moved in because she has been gone so much) but Sarah is really great too. So happy and positive and nice. We are all active and busy and not home a whole lot.... and nobody cares that we don't have cable... which is awesome. In fact I forget that we don't have cable until someone asks me or tries to turn on the tv. I just don't care. I have been decorating too which is always fun for me. I am just about done I think.

I finished watching the first season of "How I Met Your Mother". So far I like it... and now I get a lot of things people quote. It is a funny show and lets be honest... I relate to Ted. Ted is always trying to find love and it is always not working out. I can totally see me talking to my kids one day and telling them about ALL the guys that I went through to FINALLY get to their father. So far... true story. It is funny how I went from watching "Downton Abbey" which the episodes were 45- hour each and it was a serious drama to "How I Met Your Mother" which each episode is like 20 minutes long and it is a funny show. Not sure where I will go to next when I am done with this show.

We had a goodbye party at our house last night for a friend in our ward that is moving to Texas. It was hoppin! I got so many compliments on how cute my house was, which made me feel good. Seriously there were points in the night where I looked around and thought.... there are so many people here that I don't know what to do. It was a karaoke party in honor of the many trips we took with James to Applebees karaoke. People went nuts with it (which was great) and we had cheesecake since that is what James wanted. James and Josh even performed. I'm sure I will do another blog post about it. All I know is there were a lot of people that I didn't know at my house. Some of those people didn't even know James. They just heard there was a party and showed up and were singing their hearts out to "I'll make love to you" and giving everyone hugs. Crazy parties. It was fun though. I just wished that I didn't feel so crappy... and parties are fun, but they also take a little while to clean up after it is all over and done. I'm glad I did it though because it made James happy and feel special and that is what matters. That is how you want someone to leave a ward.

On Monday there were a group of friends that went and hiked Mt Timpanogos. A part of me wanted to go because I have lived here a while and never hiked it. It was a holiday and a lot of my friends were going and were going to be taking it at a slow pace. Perfect time for me to go. On the other hand... I actually don't enjoy hiking.... like at all. I love being in nature and I love the destination and the accomplishment and the company... but not the actual hike. I would rather take a 4 wheeler or a horse. This was not just any hike.... this was going to be like 10 or so hours of hiking. I thought about it.... and I thought again and decided not to go. It ended up being good that I didn't go because 1- I'm out of shape. 2- I ended up having bad cramps that day 3- I ended up getting sick that day 4- I got to sleep in 5- I actually got a lot accomplished that day... which felt good because I had many projects that had been sitting around for a while that I hadn't had the time to do. I painted our coffee table and our kitchen chairs (so they match better with the kitchen) I did 2 little craft projects, vacuumed my room and all of the basement, sewed holes in clothes... and did a lot of this while listening to "Juliet" on audio tape so that I could multi-task because I have been wanting to finish that book but also wanted to get things done. Almost done with that book. Taking longer than I thought... but it is still good. I think Audio books are the way to go for me from now on. I think I will "read" a lot more books this way. Just being honest with myself. I also made banana bread for my roommates and one to give away AND Megan and I went and got pedicures (which for me was LONG overdue) and going with Megan was WAY more fun than going by myself. I might of done a little bit of shopping at the store next door too and bought a few cute things. Just saying. :) Really... it was good that I didn't go on that hike. I will have to do it another time... when I am in better shape. All my friends came back saying how miserable it was. I would have died for sure.


jamie hixon said...

I'm a little sick too. It is always the pits. Mine is mostly in my throat though.

That party sounded fun, and good for you for being a good friend and host. Karaoke. Nice.

I would much rather have gotten a pedi and shopped than gone hiking too. Nice choice.

Lynette Mills said...

Hope you are feeling better. I'm going to have to come over and see your place soon.

Bre said...

Ugh, I have no desire to hike Timp. Don't feel bad. I sure don't. :)