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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yuba Lake

Once upon a time, there was this guy named Joel. We had this cool mutual friend named Becca. Becca got a group together to go play at a lake about an hour south from us called Yuba Lake. I had never been there before, but I wanted to play at a lake, get out of P-Town and enjoy the last bit of summer. Joel also wanted in on this lake goodness. Joel and I both had other things going on that morning, so we decided we would drive separate and meet them at Yuba lake in the late afternoon. Joel, the cool cat, came and picked me up in his 93 Honda Del Sol Convertible. We were going to drive to the lake in style.

On the way there, Joel mentioned he was out of gas. We were so busy chatting that we missed the exit that we were going to fill up on gas. A while later, we reached the exit for Yuba Lake, but there were no gas stations around... and we NEEDED gas. We had no choice but to drive to the next exit which was another 16 miles. We could see the gas station and the car gave the signs that it was going to shut down. We got SUPER lucky and coasted into the gas station right off of the exit. Then it was back on the freeway 16 miles back to where we were supposed to be... Yuba Lake.

We get to Yuba Lake. It doesn't look that big. Joel's little Honda Del Sol wasn't really an off roading car, so we had to park and walk down to the lake. We walked and walked around the that side of the lake looking for our friends as we got more hot and tired. We saw many families and trailers... but we did not find our friends. I decided to call our friend. No answer.

We got back in the car and decided to drive to a different part of the lake. There were not that many people and we just did not see our friends. Frustrated, hot and tired... we gave up. Maybe they had already left. We figured they were still there, we just didn't know where. It was hot and the lake looked refreshing, so we decided we would go for a swim. We swam out to the buoys and back and then got back in the car and drove an hour back home.

Although we were bummed that we didn't find our friends, Joel and I decided that it wasn't a total waste of a trip. We got to get out of Provo, even just for a little bit. We got to know each other better. We still got to get some sun and enjoy the last bit of summer. We visited somewhere new.

It was our little Saturday adventure.
The End.


Opus T. Penguin said...

Yeah, I remember using the ol' we-ran-out-of-gas story with a girl.

Lori said...

Sounds like another crazy adventure. Glad you went for a swim anyway :)