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Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday 84

Today we go back to September 2004. I had just moved into the Riviera. I had a lot of friends that I grew up with in Santa Barbara, living in Provo. We tried to get together (I usually organized it) often. It was our little home away from home to be together. I loved it and tried to continue it for a few years. Now there just aren't many of us left here. Everyone has moved on in their lives. I miss seeing everyone though, so I thought I would flashback to that. Love my Santa Barbara crew. They are family.

The boys

The girls



Lynette Mills said...

Great group!

Caytlin said...

Holy cow my brother is skinny! I miss having everyone here too!!!

jamie hixon said...

I always thought it was cool that you guys did that.