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Monday, September 17, 2012

Bike Parade

On Thursday we had a ward activity. We had a bike parade! I was so excited for this activity. Obviously not everyone has bikes. Some jogged, one person went on roller blades and Oliver and Dantzel lead the group on their scooter. Our destination was a little snow cone place about 4 miles away. That means about 8 miles round trip for those (like me) that rode their bikes or ran. Everyone else just met us there. Either way.... we had a great turn out. After the bike ride... those snow cones tasted REAL good. Enjoy the last tastes of summer. It was so fun.

The people that rode bikes were encouraged to decorate their bikes and themselves with glow sticks since we would be partially riding in the dark. My new roommate Sarah and I did just that. As you can see from the first picture above, we put them on the wheels (which turned out awesome) and we put them on ourselves. We are so cool. Because we were dressing up with glow sticks and such... I thought it only appropriate that I wear my Captain EO shirt.

Liz and I stuck together on the bike ride because we had our beach cruisers that we bought together. Since beach cruisers don't have gears... we knew it might be a struggle. It actually didn't turn out that bad though. I think it was my tunes that kept me going. I brought speakers for my ipod and put it in my basket and jammed the whole bike ride there and back. Pretty much everyone was jealous. We rode by people as a big group and people would be watching with a look on their face like... "what the heck" and then I would ride by with all my glow stick glory and my tunes and people couldn't help but smile and say "That is awesome" or "what a great idea". I know.... I know.... not everyone can be as cool as me. (kidding). I might have even showed up to the activity riding in while blasting Queen's "I Want to Ride my Bicycle".  All the new people in the ward probably think I am super weird. Just sayin.

It was such a fun activity. SO glad I bought a bike this summer.


Lil Lizzie said...

your tunes were so legit. love.

Lori said...

How SUPER FUN Tracy! That is a great idea and a well attended activity i see. So glad you rocked it!

jamie hixon said...

Love the glowsticks, tunes, and Captain EO shirt! And those snow cones look SO yummy! You are so fun.