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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 135

It has been a busy week at work... it is probably just going to get more and more busy as we approach the end of the month since it is quarter end. I just feel like I can't get caught up, and I hate that. On a brighter note, I am not sick anymore and have been going back to the gym and it feels good to exercise again.

Speaking of work... I have this weird thing. I'm pee shy, so I hate using public bathrooms. I also drink a lot of water while I am at work, so this could create a problem. We are now on the 4th floor and that is a crowded floor, so almost anytime you go to the bathroom on that floor there are people in there. Such a problem for me. So I continued to go up to the 5th floor to go to the bathroom because that floor is now pretty empty and almost every time I go there.... nobody is in the bathroom. Which also means it is cleaner. Totally worth walking up a flight of stairs every time I need to go to the bathroom. PLUS.... I don't know who, but someone has been bringing soap from Bath and Body Works to that bathroom. So... I use it. And my hands are really soft and smell super great because of it. So much better than the soap they have at work. Thank you to whoever buys that stuff.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way... but sometimes I feel so strong (emotionally) and I feel like I give pretty good advice. Then... there are other days where I feel so bad about myself and I need to call a family member or one of my best friends to get a pep talk... and I wonder why it is so easy for me to give others advice and make them feel better, but I can't take my own advice to make myself feel better.  Last night I was out with two friends... eating ice cream while wallowing in self pity... having a grand old time. (We were actually having a great time) and we got into a heart to heart. I think that I actually helped both of them, and in talking to them about their stuff... I totally gave myself a pep talk about my own stuff. I feel so much better. Taking control of my emotions is a constant effort. I think over the years I get better and better at it, but it still takes work for me. #bluepersonalityproblems. I do enjoy helping other people with their problems though and helping them feel better about themselves.

Still watching "How I met your Mother". I'm now half way through season 4. So funny. I catch myself laughing out loud in my office while I work and watch.

So when my old roommates moved out, and the cable was taken away... somehow my cable for the super Nintendo was taken as well. I ended up ordering the part... and while I was on the site ordering the part, I saw that I could buy games. I looked through the games and saw "Super Mario Brother All Stars" which is a game with all of the Mario Brothers games from the original Nintendo. I have wanted this for a long time because I hadn't played all of those games since I was a kid... so I ordered it. Well, it came on Monday and I was so excited, I have been playing almost everyday since. First I started playing Super Mario Brothers 2.... and then I remembered how hard that game was. We did beat it though when we were kids. I then moved on to Super Mario Brothers 3. Been playing it for days. My roommates think it is funny and they will watch me play. They come into the living room.... see me really into the game, talking to myself. Don't worry... just reliving my childhood. Some guy came to that goodbye party last week and saw my super Nintendo and offered to buy it from me. I didn't even listen to his offer... it was out of the question. Ha ha.

Tuesday was karaoke night. Last time we went, we were all kind of in a bad mood and still had fun, but it wasn't quite the same. This time was great. I think it was because the manager that we know and love was back. He is an older (late 40's to early 50's) black man that LOVES his job. He usually gets up for karaoke too and does slow love jams.... like "Let's get it on", "Sexual Healing" this time he did "Let's stay together". Love it. He told him we missed him while he was gone and we were so happy to see him. He gave me a big hug. That is when you know you were a regular. ha ha. Also... Green Suit was there again, which is ALWAYS a good time. You never know what you are going to get with that guy.... well, except you do know he is going to sing ET by Katy Perry and go around and kiss at least one girl on the cheek (which he did). Our group is where the party is really at though. They really should thank us for coming. We cheer and sing along and clap and make karaoke what it should be. Plus we gave some good performances. Josh sang "Ride with me" & "Low", Megan and I got up and sang our hearts out to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and James did "Copacabana" again because it was such a big hit last time... and let me tell you, it was just as funny the second time. Before the second verse started he said "This is when things get violent" and during the long instrumental break, he had people cheer if they were team Rico or team Tony. ha ha... Who does that? So funny. I ALMOST got Dave to go up... that would have been a miracle. Maybe next time... but it was a good night. I love our karaoke tradition.


Lil Lizzie said...

I love the term "pee shy." oh and you.

Meg said...

i love karaoke night. and you!

jamie hixon said...

I love that you do karaoke. I really need to get a group together.