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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 136

The Journal Jar blog is making a comeback! I started it months ago and was doing good answering the questions from the jar for a little while... and then I just stopped..... for a LONG time. I'm a slacker. Anyway, I have started back up again. So if you are looking for some questions for your journal or maybe just fun conversation when your friends or family, I have now answered #20 questions on the blog. Kind of fun.

This week we have been getting free fruit at work. They do this every year where they put out box of a different fruit everyday by the elevators for you to take for breakfast on your way to your office. First day was banana's. Second day was apples. Yesterday was peaches. Today we got craisons. So good. I'm wondering what fruit will be waiting for me tomorrow when I come in.

So being a massage therapist is awesome. It is great extra money. What is even more awesome though is trading. Not only trading with other massage therapists for massages.... but I have also traded a massage to get my hair done and more recently I am now going to be trading to get my eyelashes done. So great to not have to pay for that anymore. I love trading.

I am now on the 6th season of How I met your Mother. Oh and the newest season of Downton Abbey has started in Great Britain... they are not supposed to show for the US until January, however... nobody can wait so people have found sites where they can watch them, so I have already seen the first episode of the new season. So good. Back to How I met your Mother... I think one of the reasons why I am loving this show so much is not just because it is funny, but because I relate SO much. Ted wants to get married so bad and goes through girl after girl after girl while his best friends are married. There is more than that... a lot more reasons why I relate, but I won't get into it. All I can say is that I find myself saying "Amen" and "OMG I know" a lot while I am watching this show. That is totally going to be me one day... talking to my kids and telling them about all of my dating experiences before I met their father. I was even told the other day by a guy in my ward, that because of my dating experiences... I am going to be a good mother. ha ha.

I went to WalMart late on Tuesday night. Had to get some things real quick. Well... I was hoping it was going to be a quick trip, but it didn't turn out that way. I had just gotten out of the shower, my hair was went, I was in my PJ's (which is just leggings and my Dirty Dash T-Shirt and a zip up hoodie. By no means was I looking my best or even caring what I looked like. As I got out of my car, two latin guys were staring me down as they were packing up their car. I then go into the store and go to get a cart. Another latin guy that was on his way out the store as I was going in turned around and came back in and followed me. Stopped me to talk. Told me I looked familiar and asked me if I was in the Spanish Fork Ward. Nope I say. He then tells me he doesn't want to scare me off but wonders if we can be friends. What do you say to that? I guess? I wasn't about to give him my phone number though. I told him I don't give my number to strangers and he asks me if he can have my email address. I say sure and give him the one that I don't use very much. He shakes my hand after talking to me for a while and leaves. Then I finally start my shopping and one of the latin guys that works there is staring me down and smiles at me and gives me a very flirty hello. What the heck? Usually nobody talks to me when I shop. This was be great if I was interested in any of them or thought any of them were attractive. What attractive guy hangs out at WalMart late at night though. Seriously.

I have joined my first book club. Why did I join? Mostly because I was asked to join by some of my best friends. Brad, Nate and Steve wanted to do a book club. Nate's idea. We are going to read a book every couple of months and talk about it on a blog (that someone needs to create). We are starting off with a book Steve suggested. "The Big Thirst". I'm interested to see what it is all about. I will probably have to do audio books though... or else I may never get the books read. Still need to finish Juliet (almost done) and Megan is letting me borrow "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" which I have heard from guys and girls that it is really good.... and obviously I need to read it since I am still single and don't have it figured out yet. I better get going on all of these books!

Our nice neighbors invited us over for dinner because I had given them banana bread. We told them that we were having Brother Cope over for dinner, so we just invited them over instead. Our first dinner guests since my new roommates moved in. It was so fun, we will have to do a lot more of that. Sarah made a yummy salad and then Megan and I made homemade pizza. SO good. Jason next door had made bread which was also quite excellent and Geoff had bought an ice cream cake. We told brother Cope that he didn't need to bring anything. We were just excited to have him over because he is awesome. When he got to our house and we opened the door, he had a bouquet of flowers  behind his back and then gave them to us. Isn't he the sweetest? The men really need to takes notes from him. His wife didn't want to come, but she told him he should bring us flowers and he said he was going to do that anyway. We all felt really special.

We had a great time. Great conversation. I forget how much I miss cooking for people and just having people over in general because I feel like it has been so long since I have done that sort of thing. I made french toast for my roommates on Sunday too which was fun. I made them with cream cheese in the middle. Tara ended up stopping by so I invited her to eat too and then she invited Stuart over, so he came too, which was great. Then Chelsea Hall randomly stopped by and she got the last leftover piece that nobody wanted to eat. So perfect. Food really does bring people together. I need to do that more often. I love having people over. Anyway... Brother Cope is the coolest because he loves hanging out with us. He was there at almost every one of our softball games. He is a great person to talk to about anything AND not only did he come over for dinner, but he wore one of my aprons just for fun. Love my bishopric. Love my neighbors. Love my friends. Love my roommates.


Kristy said...

Sounds like some good times Tracy. How nice for you to have your bishopric member over. :)

Lori said...

Those are some good looking pizzas! Sounds like a fun night with friends and a very random, yucky night at Walmart!

jamie hixon said...

I love trading too, but I normally trade voice lessons, babysitting, or sewing.

Sounds like a good dinner. We need to invite people over more often.

Funny about Walmart. I have had those days.