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Sunday, September 23, 2012

India Fest

Last night my new roommate, Sarah, asked me if I wanted to go with her to India Fest. I had actually heard about it from my friend Erin, but then had forgotten about it. I was all for it. I love India. So we went. Rich saw us leaving and we convinced him to come along with us. Especially when we found out that he had never been to the Hare Krishna Temple before.

I have to admit... that I had only been to the Hare Krishna Temple during the Festival of Colors, when it is SUPER crowded and color is everywhere. I keep meaning to go to Llama Fest, but still have never gone. I did drive by recently at night when I was coming back from fishing with my BFF Neighbor... but that is about it until now.

It wasn't super crowded. There was dancing as there usually is. We took off our shoes and went in the temple. I think most of the people were there for the food... I know that was a big reason why I went. I LOVE Indian food. I'm not even totally sure of what I ate... but it was dang good.

The whole experience brought back great memories of visiting India. Listening to the music, watching the dancing, seeing the women dressed in Indian attire and eating the food... made me think of my trip with Erin and Caroline and it made me miss it. I loved it there. One day.... I want to go back. I want to visit a different part of India, the south, but I want to go back. Until then, I will soak in the culture every chance I get... even if it is just eating the food. :)


flux biota. said...

this is awesome. wish I could have seen this.

also, it was very hard to prove I wasn't a robot for your verification thingy ;)

Kristy said...

I've finally done something that you have posted about. I went with a roommate a long time ago. It looks like it hasn't changed much since then.

Darrell said...

love these picts

Lori said...

Looks super neat. Glad you got to go enjoy the beauty and food :)

it took me 3 times to pass the robot test!

jamie hixon said...

How fun. And that silhouetted picture through the window or whatever it is is really cool. I wish there was something like this close by in AZ.