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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Farmers Market

I had never been to the Farmers Market here in Provo... until today. My BFF Neighbor and I went this morning. I was mostly just going for the experience and check out the scene. Darrell actually buys stuff at the Farmers market... and he bought a lot of good stuff this time. I just wanted to take pictures.

However, I felt like I should at least buy one thing... I chose to get local raw honey. Good stuff. Support the locals AND supporting Darrell's beehive business! ;) ha ha

While walking around, there was a little blue grass group playing. Loved it.

Here are some of the pictures I got while walking around with Darrell.


Lynette Mills said...

Nice end of summer outing. Garden food always looks so good.

Darrell said...

love it

Lori said...

Local honey is the best thing you can eat!

jamie hixon said...

Nothing beats a good farmers market. Awesome that you got bluegrass music while you were at it!