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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 181

This week has been an interesting one.... a series of unfortunate events. Friday, my co-workers and I got stuck in one of the elevators at work. It wasn't fun. Scary actually. It got stuck on the 2nd floor. Then I hit that deer. Ok, so maybe it was just two unfortunate events. ha ha.

So when I took my car over to my parents house to have my dad check out the deer damage, I stayed for a while and my nieces were there... all of the sudden these two kittens came out of nowhere to come play. My nieces just loved them. Of course wanted to keep them (which wasn't going to happen) and I have to admit... I don't love cats, but these kittens were pretty cute. But babies of any kind are pretty much cute.

I feel like Saturday's are either really lazy and uneventful OR they are super busy and I struggle to get everything in that I need to. This last Saturday was one of those busy Saturday's where it was one thing to the next. It was good though. I would rather be doing a lot than nothing.

So diet update. I actually weighed in this week. I was really hoping just to hit my 35 lbs mark. Guess what? I hit 39 lbs and lost another inch as well. It was a great surprise. Hope that continues. More than half way through.

Speaking of my weight loss... it is interesting. I will take a picture and then go to look at the picture and expect to see my bigger self there. I'm always surprised when I look thin. I do a double take... is that me? I look good! Much better than looking at a picture thinking you look thinner than you actually are. I could get used to this.

Call me crazy... but I hate it when people that are in a relationship... no mater how serious... flirt and appear to be available. I just think about how their boyfriend / girlfriend would feel if they were there. Don't act like you are single and looking when you are in a committed relationship. End of story. Maybe this is a sensitive subject for me because I was engaged to a guy who cheated on me. But seriously... it rubs me the wrong way. I feel like people that do that are either keeping their options open and are not being honest about it to the person they are dating or they are insecure and need the validation that other people still want them even though they are in a relationship. Either way... I don't think it is a good thing.

While I am venting... I hate being the friend of the pretty girl. I can't tell you how tired I get of hearing "Hey, your friend is really pretty. Is she dating someone?" And what am I? Chopped liver? When all you hear from guys is that your friends are cute and they want you to set them up, it makes you feel like the ugly duckling. I said that to this one guy I didn't know very well... and he said, well, Tracy you are attractive too. So I asked him why he couldn't just say that to me? Why can't people just say that? I don't think being open and honest is such a bad thing.

Speaking of guys not being assertive... ha ha... I went to get my car fixed today... from the deer damage. I went to this family business that is just right down the road from where I live. I was so pleasantly surprised with my experience there. They didn't try to screw me over because I'm a young girl. I told them I wanted cheap and they gave me cheap. They even told me I could drop off my car in the morning and that they would drive me to work. So this morning, that is what I did. A guy about my age that was pretty good looking gave me a ride to work. We chatted. I dropped that I was single in conversation. He called me later to tell me my car was ready and that he could pick me up if I wanted. I had my co-worker take me. I paid and we about to leave... but the guy kept talking to me. He talked to me about their competitor down the street, he talked to me about his dogs (that I was playing with while I was there) he talked to me about his mission, he talked to me about his Lake Powell trip. I want to say he probably talked to me for a good half hour after I paid for my car. It wasn't until the phone rang and he needed to answer it that I finally left. Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed the conversation and I felt like I put a little flirt into action.... but nothing comes of it. He didn't ask for my number... so what was the point? Why keep me there for so long? Maybe he just gets bored. Who knows... but I wish I would have guys that I meet around town just get my number.

I can't believe it is August. Only one more month of summer. I love summer... I have not been doing enough summery activities. Now I have one month left to make the most out of my summer. I think I can do it.

Friday my co-workers and I went to the movies for work again. Typically we go to the Provo Town Center to see a new movie that has come out. However... this time we went to the Spanish Fork 8. $3 theater. We went and saw "Now you see me" which is a movie about magicians. We all enjoyed it. What is almost as entertaining as the movie... is the theater. It is so old and ghetto and fabulous. The movie sign is in the shape of popcorn and there are paintings of mermaids and such all over the walls. It is pretty great.


Gary said...

Tracy, he has your number.

jamie hixon said...

I was going to say... he has your number. Ha!

Two traumatic experiences in one day is a lot.

Guys are lame. Seriously lame. And stupid.

That theater looks amazing.

Jamie out!