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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Dinner Party

This one time... I had an Italian themed dinner party out on my patio. I loved it so much... I thought, why not do something like that again? I need to take full advantage of the summer months and how nice it is outside. So I put it on my summer bucket list.

I often have these desires to have fancy dinner parties and what not, but rarely do them. I decided to just do it though. I knew I would love it and I knew the people that I invited would love it. I haven't had many dinner parties lately, mostly because I have been dieting and it is hard to cook for a party when you, yourself are pretty limited to what you can eat. I decided I wasn't going to let that stop me and I planned a meal of almost everything that I could eat on my diet. That means a meal full of veggies and meat. I also made a peach lemonade which I cheated on. I felt great about making a healthy meal which also happened to be a great summer meal that everyone loved.

The dinner was Instagramed by 3 of us.

I just invited a few friends (even number of guys and girls) because I knew that was all that would fit around the table back there. Jonathan didn't show up, so we invited Sterling because he had just showed up... but then he went home and dressed up to fit the occasion. Then Jonathan ended up coming late and joining Sterling, Sabrina, Ben, Liz, Mary and I. THEN Jason went by and we asked him to take a picture and then invited him to stay and eat. There you have it...  our dinner party. Mostly planned, but some unplanned.

The weather was perfect. The hanging lights and lit candles created the perfect ambiance I wanted. There is also something very satisfying about using nicer dishes and drinking from wine glasses. Maybe because I rarely do it. Anyway, we took advantage of my garden, the nice weather, summer veggies and good company.

Summer nights don't get much better than that!


Lil Lizzie said...

oooh that food was so good. and the ambiance even better. and the company even better than that. :)

Lori said...

Looks like a nice evening Tracy. Great job! Glad you are enjoying your summer nights.

jamie hixon said...

Dinner parties are awesome. Great idea.