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Sunday, August 4, 2013

World Folkfest

Last night I was supposed to have a date. Date fell through. Shocker. That was my second date to fall through this week. Whatever. I could have just stayed home and did nothing... like a loser... like I had been doing all day OR my roommate (Sabrina) and some other gals in the ward were going to the Wold Folkfest and said I should come. Got to take advantage of the wonderful summer nights and small near by festivals that I wasn't aware of. I'm always trying to discover new things to do in Utah... and I succeed... on a regular basis actually. It's kind of awesome. I should have made this goal when I lived in Santa Barbara. I'm sure there was so much to do right under my eyes that I didn't even know about all of the years I grew up there. 

So off we went to Springville for the festival. I love folk music. I think I was expecting this event to be like a bunch of different folk bands. Not the case at all. It was actually groups from different countries around the world and they would have music and dancers. Although it was not what I expected... it was still awesome.

Interesting moment of the night... was when we ran into Mountain Man's mom, who happened to know everyone I was with. Thankfully she didn't remember meeting me though when I went home with Mountain Man and had a chat with her and Mountain Man's dad. Might have been a little bit awkward. I'm surprised I even remembered her actually. Just never know who you are going to run in to.

So back to the festival... we had a blast. It was a beautiful night and I love watching performers sing and dance. I love attending new events. I love different cultures. I would have to say that my favorite groups were the American cloggers (I am a tap dancer after all) and I loved the Indian's with their glow in the dark hula hoop type things that they did tricks with AND of course I loved the 16 year old Polynesian flame thrower. I might have had a crush on him. In my defense, he didn't look 16. ha ha

Folkfest was a good time and I'm glad that I went. Definitely a better time than sitting home a lone. :)

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jamie hixon said...

Cool. I'd like to take my kids to something like this.