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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Indiana Fishing

One thing I wanted to do this summer was go fishing. I knew that my cousin Travis would take me when I came to visit him because he loves to fish. As you saw in the Lake House post, we tried fishing on the lake. Trav and Marcas both only caught one each. Me... none. So when Trav took me to fish at the river by his house... I didn't have high hopes.

This was the last thing Trav and I did (besides me teaching him how to make chicken cordon bleu and chocolate haupia pie) before he took me back to the airport yesterday. Travis's daughter Jocelyn and I had bonded and she loved me... but I was still trying to win approval over his son Dallin.

Dallin has an exclusive club. It's the Bass Slayers Club. In order to get into the club, you have to catch a Bass on the Dirty E (that's what they call the river by their house) with an ugly stick (fishing pole) and it has to be at least 12 inches. All I wanted on this last little fishing excursion was to get into the club. There were not very many members and NO GIRLS in the club. I was determined. It took me a while to catch anything, so I started to get discouraged, but then I did... and even though it was a small little guy, it build up my confidence and got me more excited.

Trav is the best person to go fishing with. He is so positive and never gave up on believing that not only I would catch something, but that I would make it into the Bass Slayers Club. When I wasn't catching anything he let me real in one of his big fish. I would give me pointers along the way, tell me when I was doing a great cast or casting in the right spots. Stayed calm when I would get my line caught in the trees or almost casting into a hornets nest (although I could tell that one made me real nervous). When I caught my big one, he was just as excited as I was and told me that was the fish to get me in the club and then got excited to take my picture and taught me the secret hand shake you learn once you are in the club. I was SO happy. Plus, it was beautiful to float down this river that felt like you were in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Perfect way to end my trip. Great bonding time with my cousin Travis. He's the best. Seriously.

Guess who the first and only (so far) girl in the Bass Slayer's club is? Oh yeah, that would be me. This got me a big hug from Dallin before I left.  :)

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jamie hixon said...

That is awesome. And it is true, Travis is so positive. I think he always has a smile on his face. I wish I was more like that.