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Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday 132

This week on facebook, one of my high school choir friends posted this video. Obviously her parents video taped it and the focus is on her... especially the first few minutes. She put it on facebook as proof that she used to sing in choir with Katy Perry (aka Katy Hudson). Katy is in the upper left. She has a couple of little solo/speaking parts.

More importantly... I have a solo... and it is just about half way through the song if you want to skip to that. We were so cute in high school. Oh... and if you want a laugh, read all of Katy Perry's fan comments at the bottom of the video! HA! Why does anyone become that obsessed with anyone?

So flashing back to December 1999, here is the Does Pueblos choir singing "Twas the Night Before Christmas"


Caytlin said...

This song cracks me up. Longest Christmas choir song ever! :) By my senior year, I heard it and accompanied for it way too many times.

The comments on there make me want to puke. My favorites are the one about "Katy Perry is the light in the darkness" and the "just imagine, all those people can say they met Katy Perry". Pretty sure most of us couldn't care less :)

But you are super cute in this and your solo is better than hers. ;)

T-Ray said...

Caytlin! You are too nice... and I totally agree with you on everything you said!

Katie H. said...

You know who should have become famous was that tenor, Matt! Holy cow, I'd love to have him as a student!

jamie hixon said...

Was Matt's last name Nonoshita? Was he Amy's brother? I think I remember sitting on the left in the audience on this one. And is that Beth in the black? And whoever she is, why is she wearing black? I recognize a lot of these people... but seriously it took me forever to put together that Katy Perry and Katherine Hudson were the same person. She looks so different now.

Tracy said...

Jamie, to answer your questions.. yes, yes, yes and I have no idea why she isn't wearing the same dress as everyone else. She must have forgotten it? And I'm with you, I didn't put together that Katy Perry and Katy Hudson was the same person at first either. She looks WAY different now.