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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 182

Another week. The weather has been cooling down a bit. Last couple of days the clouds have come in and out and I have even been watching some lightening from my office... which is fun.

There still a good amount of summer left though... and I really want to try and take advantage of it. I have a summer bucket list and there are still many things that need to get crossed off... like camping and fishing and an outdoor movie and so on and so forth. Hopefully... I can get it all in before summer is over.

I started a new show today. Breaking Bad. It is intense. I'm learning a lot about drugs. I'm on the second season now and I'm pretty into the story. We will see how it goes. I'm probably going to get through it pretty fast... and then there is one more season to come before it's over.

Weight loss update. I only lost a pound this week... but that is better than nothing right? I try to stay positive so that I don't get frustrated. I did cheat a couple of times last week... but at least I still lost right? Anyway... I'm hoping next week is more. We shall see. I'm getting closer though. Hopefully just a couple more months until I'm done.

My friend Kayleigh tagged me in a post on facebook to be an extra in a movie where some of the scenes were being filmed in Heber.... saying it would be something that I would enjoy doing.... so I signed up to go. I will write more about it later, because I have things to say about the experience... but it was fun to try out once. Especially since I had enjoyed filming at work so much for the iPrint commercials. My friend Daniel came with me and it was a fun experience.

I had a pretty busy week. Pretty eventful... I like it that way. Better than being bored.

On my way home from work on Tuesday, I was watching out for deer because I am paranoid now ever since I hit a deer. Just about in the same spot that I hit my deer, I saw two baby deers. Yep, I'm pretty sure I killed there mother. I felt bad. At least these deer were keeping out of the road, unlike their mother who committed deer suicide.

Something that I saw this week that made me laugh and wanted to share... it is going around on facebook, but I am still going to share it because I thought it was funny. A Rap Artist (LL Cool J) tweeted a quote by our former prophet Gordon B Hinkley. I think it is awesome... but I wonder if he was aware of who he was quoting. :)

Some sad news this week. A family friend of ours (Jim Mount) got into a car accident and is now paralyzed from the neck down. I still have a hard time believe it because the last time I saw Jim he was healthy and well. Jim's wife and my mom were best friends for as long as I can remember. Jim and my dad worked together a lot and were good friends. I grew up with their son, Allan. The Mounts were there, a part of my life since I was 2 years old. They were more like family... so this news really hit home. The family is staying positive and taking it well, but Jim and the Mount family are so loved. They have received so much love and support through facebook and other forms of communication. I was always greeted by Jim with a hug and love and concern about what was going on with my life. He has such a big heart and my thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with him and the rest of the family through this hard time. It really makes me think about people I love and care about and how short and precious this life is. You can't take the people you love an care about and the time that you have with them for granted.

So I have only had a couple of work crushes since I have been working at Novell. Probably because the majority of the people I work with are older married men. I have had a crush on one guy that worked the front desk/ security... and then one other work crush I have is this guy that I met playing volleyball like a year ago. I see him here and there. I see him at the gym and sometimes we end up in the same elevator. I know that he is single... but I was always too shy to start up conversation with him... like ever. Well, today I found out it was his last day (via the volleyball emails that go out) and so I decided to be brave and write him before he went. I wanted to tell him I had a work crush on him... but instead I just said good luck with his new job. Who knows... maybe he is dating someone. I did get an email back from him though. I guess that is good. He is a nice guy though. Oh well. I hope that I find another work crush. Better yet... it would be really nice to find someone to date. ha ha (doesn't have to be from work).

My roommate Shawney came back from being home in Virginia for 3 weeks. She was pretty much home for a week and she is moving back home... crazy. Sad we didn't get to be roommates for very long! Love her though and wish her the best and I have another fun girl in the ward that is going to move in.


Lori said...

Sad you are loosing a roommate already. You are so good at finding fun girls to live with though...
You look great in that picture :) Love you.

jamie hixon said...

Yeah, I love your outfit. Every time I see you I think "Tracy looks so beautiful. Maybe I should try harder..." Ha.

Yeah, the Mount stuff was pretty heavy. We were praying for them. I think they are going to be all right in spite of the outcome.