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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cousin Andrea

My cousin Andrea (on my mom's side of the family) was one of the few cousins my age. I always loved hanging out with her... probably because she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Unfortunately I didn't get to see her a lot growing up. As an adult... I still have not seen her much but have kept up here and there through facebook and her blog. I went to her wedding and I would have tried to see her more, but she and her husband lived in Oregon for years.

She has been back in Utah and my Uncle Gary told me she was here and gave me her number. I contacted her right away and we FINALLY found a time to get together after she had her baby (this is baby #3 for her... and I hadn't seen her since before she had kids!) Perfect timing... right before she moves to Nevada.

It was SO fun to see her and Jeanne and catch up on life. I drove up to Salt Lake and had dinner with them and I got to meet her adorable kids and hold her new baby Bailey. I couldn't get enough of Bailey. What a cutie!!!

It was a fun surprise that I also got to see my cousin Karen! I also hadn't seen her in years. She came to visit since she is near by. So fun to reunite with some of my family.

I sure do love my family... even if I don't get to see them very often. Hopefully it will not be so many years before I see Andrea again. I have a feeling it won't be since she is moving close to my BFF (Lolly) that I go visit at least once a year. :) We will be in better touch now I think. :)


Gary said...

Thanks Tracy. I don't get to see her much myself and I appreciate the pictures and everything. Bailey is a beautiful little girl. She's the 3rd girl of 10 grandkids. Not a good ratio I'm thinking.

Lynette Mills said...

So nice to see these pictures! That ratio is about the same as what we will have when the two new boys are born. Thanks Tracy for making time for family!

jamie hixon said...

She looks great, and yes, her baby is a cutie! I can't believe she has three kids already!

Andrea Johnson said...

It was so good to see you, Tracy! Thanks for coming to visit, and in turn helping me with my crazy kids that night. I look forward to your visit to Henderson!