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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 184

Since most of my week was spent in Indiana/ Michigan with my cousin Trav, and I have blogged about that whole trip already, I think this will be short. It was a great vacation though and it made me not only want to go back, but wishing that I lived closer to my cousin Trav... because I would go hang out with him and his family all the time. They are awesome.

While I was there, Trav got my into drinking Diet Mountain Dew that has a little bit of Guava Mango juice in it. YUM! I usually don't like soda's, but he had me try that little drink he mixed up and I was hooked. I only had 3 I think... but considering I never drink soda anymore... kind of a big deal. I may try to find some guava mango juice soon... if you know what I mean...

Travis loves to cook. He grilled up some pretty tasty things for me while I was there. He is also the master of the dutch oven... he may have gotten me to break my diet to try his chocolate dutch oven cake. Man was that stuff good!

Ya, so you can see why I didn't weigh in this week... I also was tired from coming back from my trip and had to be up early the next morning to get to the dentist to get my little cavity filled. I will weigh in next week... and hopefully it will be good news. I'm still feeling good. I'm getting so close to the end! I can't wait.

We had a major rain tonight with a pretty awesome thunder and lightening storm. I love it. I just wanted to sit and watch it forever. Although... I still want the rest of my summer... so hopefully it doesn't cool things down TOO much. I have heard the leaves are already changing colors up the canyon. I love fall, but this depresses me. I'm not ready to let go of summer yet.

So I brought something back from my trip. All of these lovely bites from mosquito's that makes me look like I have the chicken pox! They were itchy while I was there.... they are STILL itchy. Ugh! I just must have very sweet blood. Or maybe that is what I tell myself to feel better.

I took a 6 day break from "Breaking Bad" while I was on vacation. Since I have been back, I am now on season 5 and am almost caught up to where they are at with showing it on TV. Every once in a while something super gross happens.... but the story is good!

My co-worker, Tyler, introduced me to this song that I can't get enough of. I don't know what it is about it, but I love it. I'm wondering if they would have it at karaoke at "Wing Nuts" so that I could sing it. It's called Rulers by Lorde. This girl is only 16!

I took engagement pictures this week for a girl in my ward. I will post them here and you will have to let me know how they turned out. I was also asked by two different people to do weddings recently... but I said NO WAY JOSE! Too much pressure. I'm not good enough for that. Maybe one day? Maybe not.

I hate worrying about guys. If they are going to text or call. If I should contact them or wait until they contact me.... If one is worth waiting around for or not, what he is thinking about me... I hate wanting to hear from a guy and then I don't. I just can't wait for when I don't have to worry about any of this stuff anymore... because let's be honest. I don't like worrying.

It is always kind of hard to come back from vacation... going back to real life which is not quite as exciting. Feeling like you need a vacation from you vacation so that you can catch up on sleep or what not. I always love coming back to my bed though... and Purple Rain (my beta fish). Anyway... I am missing hugs everyday from cute little Jocelyn. We also sang together and just hung out. I loved it. She is the best. I'm secretly glad she got my number from me so that I can get cute texts from her here and there. She overloaded me with pictures at first... but now it's cool. She is a sweety and told me I should come and visit more... like every other week. I WISH! Made me feel like a million bucks though.

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jamie hixon said...

I saw pictures of Jocelyn and hadn't seen her since she was a baby. She looks SO much like an Anderson! What a cutie. Glad you had so much fun there... I want to travel more, and I feel like I haven't seen cousin Trav in forever.