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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 183

I was all kind of excited for the weekend. I was supposed to go camping with a couple of my friends in the ward and then Saturday we were going to kayak down Provo River. Well... one bailed on Thursday. I was mega disappointed. Hopefully those things will still happen this summer... but we shall see. Anyway, that left me with zero plans on Friday night. Always kind of sad when that happens... especially when all of my roommates are on dates. However... it was kind of rainy, and I was wicked tired from being an extra the night before and not getting a lot of sleep... so I just watched "Breaking Bad" and then I went to bed and I got 10 1/2 hours of sleep last night... which was awesome.

Speaking of "Breaking Bad" I have now been watching for a week and I am on season 4. Out of control? Maybe... but I will say that their seasons are shorter than most shows, so that does make it go quicker.

Monday I got to go on a scooter ride with Steph. It was nice. I miss hanging out with her. I felt like we bonded so well on the cruise, and then I hardly ever see her because she is dating someone. Oh well. Such is life. It was nice to go on the scooter ride, it felt like a little flashback to Cozumel Mexico... when we went there. Steph is awesome.

Weight loss update. I lost 2 more pounds this last week. Which puts me at 42lbs lost and about 10 inches gone from my waist! Feeling great. Can't wait to be done. Hopefully a couple of more months. Always extra hard when I'm on vacation... like I am now.

I get all of these sores in my mouth every once in a while. Like someone took a knife and slit my tongue down both sides and my cheeks. It is painful and I don't know how I get it or how to make it go away. It's annoying.

I also think my toenail is going to fall off. Which grosses me out. I am pretty sure this is happening because of my half marathon. I remember this toe hitting against my shoe and the nail being pretty sensitive and wiggly after the race. When I got a pedicure like a month later they took off my nail polish on that toe and that toenail was SUPER bruised. Opps. Nail was still intact though, so I didn't worry about it. Now... it is wiggly and am thinking I am going to lose it any day. I'm REALLY hoping that is another nail grown in under it though. Yuck. I hate it when this stuff happens.

Remember that guy that I sat next to in church that got my number?  Well... I gave up on him shortly after that happened. Every time I got a text from him it seemed like he just wanted to know what was going on... like he was using me as some social connection. That got old fast. I wanted someone that was interested in me. Then when I was waiting to be an extra in that movie, he called me... which he had never done before. Anyway... we ended up hanging out/ going out on Friday. We spent like 10 hours together that day/night. He just came over to hang out for a bit, but ended up going to dinner with me and my friends and then showing me the farm he grew up on (just a small town cowboy) and then we met up with some of his friends and went to Salem Days and had the perfect spot for the fireworks. Yep, that was like my 4th or 5th firework show of this summer... and I'm not even close to tired of watching them. I love it just as much every time. In fact.... they are even better when you are snuggled up to a cute boy while you watch them. We also hung out at the park after that and watched for all of the shooting stars since the meteor shower was going on. We had a great time. It was a day I was not expecting honestly. He kind of showed up out of the blue and had no idea that we would hit it off the way we did. I think he was surprised too. I hope he asks me out again.

I went on another date on Tuesday as well. We just went to dinner, but had a great time talking and ended up being on this date WAY longer than we were both expecting. We had a great time and he already told me that he wanted to take me out again when I got back from my trip. I also want to go out with him again.

Monday for ward FHE, we watched a movie outside (my idea) we used to do it all the time last summer, but this summer.... just hasn't really been put together. It was on my summer bucket list though, so I'm glad we did it. We watching "How to Train Your Dragon" which is a great movie. I love outdoor movies in the summer. Now, I'm in the midwest having some last summer adventures with my cousin Trav and hopfully going to cross a couple more things off of my summer bucket list.


Kristy said...

Awesome. Glad you are having a great summer Tracy.

jamie hixon said...

Oh my extroverted sister. :) You do so much. I just read and write stories. But we are both happy, so there you go. It sounds like you are having a blast.