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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Silver Lake Sand Dunes/ Lake Michigan

My first day after arriving in the Midwest to visit my cousin (Travis), he and his father in law (Cliff) took me on a fun adventure. We drove 3 hours from Elkhart, Indiana to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes by Lake Michigan. It is beautiful there. How awesome that there are Sand Dunes with a view of Lake Michigan. I loved it.

There is also a family fun center right by there with Mini Golf and go carts and all that fun stuff. So we hung out there until it was our time on the Dune Buggy that Cliff rented for us. Cliff loves to race around, so he drove the whole time. Travis sat up by him and I got the back since I was the smallest. I'm pretty sure the back seat is meant for kids. ha ha. The seats are smaller... so after our hour and a half riding around the Sand Dunes, my back was pretty sore. It was a blast though... and I only got scared enough to let out a squeal a few times.

Cliff bought these sweet shades for the ride for all of us.

Since this was my first time to Michigan, they made sure we stopped by Lake Michigan for me to put my feet in and take a picture. :)

Anyway, I loved it. Such a fun day. Thanks to Cliff... for driving out there, renting the Dune Buggy and then treating us to dinner on the way home. He is awesome and made me feel like family while I was there. What a great day and a great start to my vacation!

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jamie hixon said...

Never ridden in a dune buggy. Maybe I should have done that in Mexico while I had the chance. Someday. You make it look fun. :)