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Monday, August 5, 2013

Accident Prone

So it's Monday. My least favorite day of the week. The day that seems forever while I am at work.  Apparently... it is also the day that I get into accidents.

We had FHE tonight at the Bishopric's houses. Usually I end up at the Cope's... however, this time I was at the Hyde's. I love the Hyde's! Because they are a little far away, we didn't have many people that came. There were five of us that went in one car and then we were waiting for one other car to come. While we were waiting, Brother Hyde asked us if anyone wanted to ride the Four Wheelers. Kara and I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to take the side by side four wheeler (that is the one I usually drive when I go to the Hyde's), but Kara said we should just take the other one and told me I could drive and hopped on the back of the seat. Off we went...

You can tell by the way we were dressed that we were not planning on riding when we went. We are both dressed nice, both wearing sandals AND we didn't grab helmets. Probably didn't grab helmets because we weren't planning on going far... just killing time and waiting for the last car to come. Well we didn't plan on going far and we didn't get very far.

I have gone four wheeling around that area many times. I usually ride the other four wheeler. There is a steep hill that you can go up to in order to get to more dirt trails. It's fun, so I told Kara we should go up it. She says ok, but we need to change gears. Between changing gears a little too late, therefore not getting enough speed and forgetting I'm riding a different kind of four wheeler WITH someone on the back (more weight)... well... let's just say we didn't make it up that hill. We were almost up and then it started to slow down and tip back. OH NO! Right then I started to prepare myself to get injured. Something in my body was going to break.... I just wasn't sure what yet. I look behind me and see Kara slide off and start rolling down the hill. Next, this heavy four wheeler that weighs a TON is going to fall back on me and there was nothing I could do about it. I was holding on to the handle bars as I started to slide off of the seat. I caught myself somehow and ended up standing while still holding the handle bars... and the four wheeler didn't squish me. In fact... it stayed in place. What the... how was this possible? We were on a steep hill. I wasn't sure if I should let go or not. Kara climbed the hill and got to the other side of the four wheeler while I turned it off and put it in neutral. She couldn't get it to budge. Then I realized that I could let go of the handles and it wasn't going to go anywhere. It was stuck... sticking straight up balancing on the back wheels. It was kind of impressive.

We laughed for a minute and I climbed up the hill to the other side of the four wheeler with Kara. I helped her get all the stickers and weeds out of her hair and clothes and brush the dirt off of her while we tried to form a plan. We thought... no problem. We will just tip it down and then it will roll down the hill and then we can just ride it back and nobody ever has to know this happened. We even thought up a story of why Kara was all dirty. We went to explore and she fell. Soon that plan failed when we realized we were not strong enough to move the four wheeler. So we started to walk back to the house.

I was so embarrassed (being the driver) and we were just laughing at how this happened. I didn't even get dirty! The entire walk back to the house we laughed while we tried to come up with how we were going to break this to Brother Hyde. Everyone was in the back yard, so they saw us walking... no four wheeler in site. I'm sure he was hoping we had run out of gas. We walked up to the group. I think I ended up saying something like "Well, there is a good explanation of why we don't have the four wheeler. The good news is that your four wheeler is okay AND we are okay. The bad news is... the four wheeler is stuck and we need your help to get it" Thankfully Brother Hyde has a great sense of humor. He just laughed and said, "let me get my camera. You guys are posing by the four wheeler" and we all went to see the embarrassing and funny site. When we got there, he got a good laugh out of it and said that was the first time he had seen that. We got some pictures and it took 3 guys to tip it over and then rode it back. Then we all went on with the rest of our night.

Although the situation was kind of funny... I felt really bad. I felt bad for Kara for rolling down the hill and I felt bad for the Hyde's because I don't want them to not trust me. They were cool about it and thought it was funny... but I still felt bad. Everyone got a good laugh out of it... but I was extremely lucky. I didn't even get a scratch, but if it really had flipped over, I would have been majorly hurt. That is the second accident (also the deer accident) where it could have been a lot worse and even though it was unfortunate that it happened. It kind of makes me nervous of what will happen to me next Monday. Maybe I need to start locking myself up on Monday's. I don't know... but I'm glad nobody got hurt and it is something I can just laugh off.

Never a dull moment in my life.


Lynette Mills said...

Hopefully there won't be a third strike... Glad you are okay

Kristy said...

Bummer! Glad you were ok.

jamie hixon said...

That is scary! I don't know if I could brush that off like you did. I'd be scarred for life.