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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evening in Park City

Over the years, Brad, Nate and Steve have moved all over the US. I tried to visit them everywhere they lived and I did a pretty good job of it. Currently... Nate and his family are back in Utah and Steve and his new wife just moved back to Utah. Brad and his family are going to be moving back to New Port Beach, but until they find a house, are staying in Park City at Brad's parents future retirement home. So, we all got together.

I usually hate driving... but I was actually excited for an excuse to drive up the canyon. It is one of the most beautiful drives. Especially this time of year. As I drove up the canyon I was reminded of the few times I drove up to Midway to the Crater to get scuba certified. I was reminded of my half marathon only last month... and how far I actually ran!  I was reminded of flying over that whole area when I went on the plane ride with Jay. So many great memories.

Then I got to Brad's place in Park City. It's beautiful. Not only a beautiful home, but a home with a beautiful view! In fact, the whole time we were all there... we were on the back patio. Had a BBQ and just sat out there and chatted... enjoyed the beautiful weather and the beautiful view.

Of course whenever we are together, we always talk about the years that we all spent together. I hope it isn't annoying to the spouses. Those times don't seem like they were that long ago, yet it has been almost a decade. When we are all together... it's like no time passed since we last saw each other. They still feel like my home away from home... almost like an extended part of my family. It is a very weird and cool feeling to think back to me as a young 21 year old who dated their roommate and became best friends with them and did all the fun and silly things that you do in college like prank wars. Now, here we all are in Park City with real jobs, spouses (except for me) and watching the kids play together so nicely. (it was actually really cute to watch Max and Sophie play together). If I think about it too much, it is a total trip. How did we stay friends? On the other hand... it is so comfortable and not weird at all. Feels like home.

It feels great to all be together again. Now if only I had a husband to join the crew. One day... PS can I just say how much I love little Max. I just feel this bond with him. I love it when he will just hang out with me and sit in my lap. It makes me happy. What a great summer evening spent in Park City with my Besties.  *I should have gotten a picture of the whole group. What was I thinking?*


Lori said...

Cool Tracy! Glad you got to see all the boys :)

jamie hixon said...

I bet their spouses feel a little out of the loop, but whatever.