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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Film Day at Work

The above picture is of Scott Christopher. You may not recognize him, unless you have seen a lot of mormon movies such as "The Singles Ward", "The RM", "The Best Two Years", "Down and Derby", "Mobsters and Mormons" etc... Or maybe you have seen the movie "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend". Or the TV show "Everwood".

Back in January I volunteered to be in a commercial for Novell and he was the star. I didn't talk to him at all, we were all just in the same conference room. Yesterday the manager of the legal department came by and said they wanted to do some filming in our department the next day... so if we wanted to participate, dress up like we worked in a law firm. So... I dressed up. I was explaining to one of my co-workers that Lauren and I did this in January with Scott Christopher.... I turned around and there he was. I guess he was going to be the star of this commercial as well.

I don't know why they chose our department, but it is nice to film at work. They provide lunch or breakfast (not that I could have any) and they also provide and make up artist to do your make up for being on film. So I went and had my make up done and my hair touched up. It feels so high class even though the commercial is probably just for our company. ha ha. I then sat in a conference room with some of my other co-workers and played on an ipad while they filmed me (and the others). That was it. My half hour of feeling special while I was at work.

Scott had to film another scene which was taking place right outside my office... so he came in to look out the window and chat with me for a little bit. Then asked if they needed me to walk by in the background while he filmed his scene... so they did that. I got to walk by. ha ha. So exciting... I know.

If I get a copy of the video, I will post it on here. Meanwhile, here is a picture of the filming going on outside of my office and me dressed up like I work at a law firm and my make up done by a pro. Good times at work.


Lynette Mills said...

No words can describe your work Tracy, it's crazy.

jamie hixon said...

That is so funny. I think the only time I have had my makeup done is for plays. And it is a far cry from the beautiful makeup they did for you.