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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steve's Wedding

First it was Brad.  Then it was Nate. Now... it is Steve's turn to get married. PS this means my prediction was right that Steve would get married before me. As depressing as it is to be the last one of our crew to get married... I AM really happy for Steve.

This was actually a really special experience for me because this was my first sealing that I have been to and it was a white wedding. They were sealed in the St George Temple on Thursday morning in one of the oldest sealing rooms. Nate and Brad were both so sweet to wait for me to get to the temple so we could all go in together knowing it was my first sealing. It was so special to be in the temple with some of my best friends (Brad, Nate & Steve) all dressed in white. I was really not wanting to make the drive down to St George by myself... especially since I had just driving days before from Cali to Utah... but I'm so glad that I did. It was really special. Plus, I would do anything for these guys.

I met Stephanie while I was in Boston visiting Steve and Brad. I knew she was great then... plus she is adventurous enough to keep up with Steve. After they were sealed, they had everyone in the room go congratulate the couple. I gave Steve a big hug and then I gave Stephanie a hug and told her "Welcome to the gang". She said thank you and that she felt honored to be a part of it and hoped that she could live up to it. I didn't realize we were that cool. ha ha. However, just the fact that she thought that.... means she is super cool. I'm so glad that each of these guys wives have been understanding of my relationship with them and have been cool about it. I'm glad that each of them have married great girls. Stephanie is going to fit right in. I can't wait to get to know her better.

While we were in the temple, it rained! It was heaven sent because it cooled down outside and made it overcast for pictures... which is perfect. After we took pictures, we went to the luncheon at the Bell Tower. At the luncheon... I mostly played with Max (Nate's son) ate some good lunch and then they cut the cake, played slide shows, made toasts and tossed the bouquet. Right when I was about to leave, Steve's sister, Karen, came and found me and told me it is tradition in their family to sing a song to the bride as she leaves for the honeymoon. So she took me up to Stephanie's dressing room and I helped sing a song to her before she changed and left. It is a cute tradition. Then it was back to Provo for me.

At the open house in SLC (getting to spend time with old friends)

Nate and Brad with their kids.

It still blows my mind. Friends come and go out of your life all of the time. If you would have told me nine years ago when I met these boys... that we would all still be close friends, going to each other's weddings and playing with their kids... I would have laughed and thought the chances of that would be pretty slim.... but here we are. We obviously are all living our own lives and don't see each other and talk as often as we used to... but when we are together, we just pick up where we left off. I feel blessed to have these boys as my good friends. I'm sad I'm now the only single one... however, when I do get married, I know they will all be there at my wedding. They are solid friends like that.  Next up... Steve and Steph's wedding reception in Salt Lake...


Kel said...

congrats to Steve! been to a white wedding in this temple too and it's beautiful.

Katie H. said...

Her dress is absolutely gorgeous!

jamie hixon said...

That reception place looks amazing! And I like the skirt of her dress. So awesome.