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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Lord is My Shepard

It has been almost a year since I met Mr. Karaoke and we sang Endless Love together at Applebees. Since then... we have sung a couple more times together at karaoke, had a jam session on Halloween, watched The Sixth Sense together and we are in touch here and there.

It is also since that first time that we met that I had a singing crush on him. I absolutely love his voice and love singing with him. He is super talented.

A couple of weeks ago, I get a random text from Mr. Karaoke. He said a song came on that will forever remind him of me. Just a week or so before that I had been asked to sing in church on the last Sunday of this month (today) and I had been struggling to come up with a good song to sing. Something new and fresh and beautiful and not overdone. So I text him back and about the song and then said... speaking of music... you have any music suggestions for me and or would you want to sing with me in my ward. I was kind of expecting him to say he was busy and just give me a couple suggestions. To my surprise he said he would love to sing with me. I was thrilled.

Because Mr Karaoke and I both have a deep love and appreciation for good music, we struggled to find a duet that we both loved. I bought Rob Gardner's arrangement of "The Lord is my Shepard" to the table. After running through it once,  we fell in love it and decided that was our song. We practiced a couple of times the two of us and then with my friend Lindsay (who played the piano for us) right before church started. Here we are in the program (with Mr. Karaoke's last name spelled wrong... should be Turley- Trejo).

Everyone loved it. People were super glad I brought Mr. Karaoke (because he is amazing) and everyone told us that we sounded great together. My bishop told me we should sing together again sometime. Some people told me that we should tour... just go around singing at different wards and firesides. He loved singing with me and I take that as a huge compliment. I'm so much less experienced than he is. Mr. Karaoke (Ty) is a great guy, so much fun to be around and a pleasure to sing with... so if he ever wanted to sing with me again... I for sure wouldn't say YES. So glad that he sang with me together. Thanks Ty! You're the best!
*I attached a recording of our song from today. Maybe we both recorded it on our phone... it is pretty quite, turn up your volume!!*


Lil Lizzie said...

you looked AND sounded gorgeous!

Lynette Mills said...

That was wonderful. Glad I could hear it even when I couldn't be there.

Kristy said...

Sounds great Tracy. I bet it sounded even better in person. You have a great voice sis.

jamie hixon said...

Oh my stars, that was magnificent! Beautiful. I love the arrangement.

Also, no more anonymity for Mr. Karaoke. ;)