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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scottish Festival

I don't know if you know this or not, but Utah has two Scottish Festivals... not just one, but two! The first one is at Thanksgiving Point and you have to pay to get in. It is pretty big, I went to that one once with my good friend Steve.

The second one is in Payson and you do NOT have to pay to get in. Guess what? I feel like it is just as awesome too. That was today, and a group in my ward decided to go.

They had lots of booths set up. You could get authentic Scottish food. They had Scottish dancing competition and they also had TONS of Scottish bands. You heard constant bag pipes while you were there. It was awesome.

You saw lots of men in kilts... including my friends Daniel and Nate that I went with. I think you have to be a secure man in order to walk around in a skirt. :)

What I really got into while I was there though was the Scottish sports! They were manly men sports.... picking up and throwing heavy things.... all while wearing kilts. First event I watched was the log toss (forgot the real name for it). Later we came back to watch the Weight Over Bar competition. I was glued to this one. It got intense. They had to throw a 56 pound weight over a bar above them. The winner got it over the bar at 14 feet! The winner was my Scottish athlete crush that I started cheering for with the first event that I started watching them in. This was good stuff!

Right before I left, I  found my friend Big Nate (one of the guys that I went to Guatemala with) and we got to catch up and talk about travels. Love running into old friends. Anyway, the festival ended up being a lot of fun and made me want to go to Scotland (which I already wanted to go). I love going to the little festivals and events that go on around Utah.... or anywhere for that matter.

*picture below is missing 3 more people that came with us & two more people in the ward we ran into*

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jamie hixon said...

That sounds fun... except for the food part if it really was "authentic." ;)