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Saturday, July 6, 2013


I flew to Dinkey Creek and met up with my family that had already been there for a couple of days. My dad came and picked me up at the airport. That was great, however, that was a one way ticket. I drove back with the family today.

All the times we went to Dinkey Creek growing up, we always lived in Santa Barbara, so it was a 5 hour drive. This was our first time making the trip back to Utah! On the way there, my family stopped at Lori's house a day early and then they all went up together on Sunday... so we had no idea how long the drive was going to be. We heard 14 hours. I was not looking forward to that. Especially with kids.

With stops, it ended up taking us 12. So not as bad as we thought thank goodness. The kids were pretty good the majority of the drive... which was also good. They switched off driving with Grandpa. I drove with Dad most of the way and then the last part went with Mom and Kristy. It was a new road I had never been on before (before we got to the I-15) so I just tried to enjoy the new scenery and relax. Took pictures of stuff along the way. Made me feel like it was more bearable... for when we do it again in 2015 (the next time they are going to try and do Dinkey Creek again).


Lori said...

Glad you guys had a good drive home and made it safe and sound. I'm so glad that you came to Dinkey! Sorry that I wasn't able to relax more with you. 3 little kids to watch after and take care of (solo) is a whole different experience at camp! It was totally worth it though :)

jamie hixon said...

You neer know how good driving WITHOUT kids is until you've been traveling with kids for years and then one time you don't have to.