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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 180

Yesterday I went to Pilates for the first time in over a month (because I only go now when Jeanie is teaching because I don't like any other class... you could call me a pilates snob if you wish) and I am SO sore. I miss having her class twice a week. I had such a strong core back then. I'm so tender today.

So maybe I didn't weigh myself this week. I don't know why I get like this. you would think my weigh in day would be exciting... but I don't enjoy getting on the scale even when I am losing weight. It's a weird mind thing for me I think. I like going off of the way I feel and how my clothes fit.

Speaking of clothes... I just went through my whole closet. I'm talking actually took everything out of it. It is such a small closet, it's amazing how I have been able to fit so much into it. Anyway... with losing weight and changing trends, I formed a big bag of stuff I no longer want. When I'm done with my diet and reach my goal weight... I'm going on a shopping spree to reward myself. I can't wait... so I have to make room in my closet. It is so hard not to shop until then... but it doesn't make sense to either. I bought some new heels though... because those will always fit. :)

So Mr. Karaoke and I decided on a song to sing in my ward this Sunday. It is a Rob Gardner arrangement... so you know it's good. I just wish Rob Gardner would write more duets. He hardly has any. This one is beautiful though. I will have to see if I can record us singing somehow. I'm pretty sure I am going to bring Mr. Karaoke to my ward and all the girls are going to have a crush on him. He is cute and has a beautiful voice. Get's the ladies every time... I mean, I have a singing crush on him. I have since we first sang Endless Love together. ha ha. He is awesome and I'm excited we are singing together. It is a treat.

On Sunday I got a scooter ride from a guy in my ward. There is nothing like a scooter or motorcycle ride in the summer evenings. I just love it. We drove up the hill at sunset. It was just nice and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully there will be more rides.

I get REALLY annoyed when people judge me before they know me. When people who are not LDS think that I am just like the few Mormon's they met and now think they know everything about Mormon's. That is pretty naive to think all Mormon's are going to think and act the same. I know plenty of jack Mormon's and I know plenty of prude Mormon's and I am not either one of those. I try not to judge and I am nice to everyone and want to be friends with people (LDS or not). I know a lot of great people that are not LDS that I care about a lot. I hate it when people think that I follow my religion blindly because I grew up that way. Guess what? I don't live with my parents anymore. If I didn't want to go to church, I wouldn't go. If I wanted to party is up and drink and do drugs, I would... nobody is stopping me. Everything I do is my choice. I have chosen this life because it is what I believe. Oh and here is another thing that annoys me that people that are not LDS do to me... Just because I choose not to drink and sleep around so on and so forth... doesn't mean that I am naive to the world and what goes on. I'm very aware. I just choose not to live that way. That doesn't mean I wouldn't be friends with people who did... I would. I don't judge you.... so don't judge me. Ok, glad I got that off my chest.

Funny moment on Wednesday. Lauren and I were in the elevator on our way down to go to the gym. We were talking about how it is so silly that we have to scan and index for Europe because we don't know any of the languages... so we were teasing saying... oh this looks like this type of document maybe, so we will just index it this way. Meanwhile... we are in the elevator with this one other guy and he is shaking his head at us and then spouts off something in Spanish. Lauren says... oh cool, but we have to read things in like German and French... the man then goes on to say something in German and in French. Now we are starting to feel stupid. We are like... geez, how many languages do you speak. Apparently he also speaks Vietnamese and some other languages. We found out he is a software engineer and sometimes travels to Germany for work.... not sure why he knows all the other languages. How cool is that though? Even though we felt stupid. I mean... what are the chances that we would be having that conversation in the elevator right when probably the only guy in the company who could speak like every language. We had a good laugh about it.

I saw World War Z on Saturday. It wasn't the best movie ever... but I enjoyed it. It was intense and it was about zombies. It was fun... kind of like "I am legend" in a way.

Have you ever been on a date, and the guy just kisses you... like just lays one on you and you were not expecting it... like at all? Because you were not really giving the signals for it and you were not even sitting that close to him on the couch... next thing you know, he is kissing you? It really caught me off guard. I hadn't even decided if I wanted that. I was so confused... like reviewing in my head how the night got to that point.

You know when you are at a party and people start asking what your most embarrassing moment was? I usually have a hard time coming up with something. I know I have lots of embarrassing moments... but they are not SO embarrassing that I remember them through the years. Well, at Steve's wedding I had an embarrassing moment. Steve had a lot of friends that came to his wedding. Such as his old roommate from Palo Alto that totally remembered me from when I stayed at their house in 2007. Another person was Ryan, from his freshman year. I really wouldn't have recognized him if he didn't say... "Hey Tracy, how are you?" I say great and wondering who this guy is with his wife and kids. Then I hear Katie say "Hi Ryan"... then I had to think back on Ryan's that I know through Steve that would know me. So I ask... "Did we get set up on a blind date?" In my mind I'm thinking of the blind date Steve set me up on in 2005 and we doubled and it was a car racing date. I don't know why that one came to mind... but it was wrong. That was Jason. Ryan and I did get set up on a blind date though. Ryan says to me "Yes, we were set up on a blind date... it was some scavenger hunt date" and I sat there confused for a second because that is not what I was thinking in my head. Then Ryan's wife says oh a scavenger hunt date? And Ryan is like... yeah, it was a kissing scavenger hunt date. It was really stupid. All of the sudden it hit me which date we were set up on. All of the sudden I started to blush from embarrassment for bringing it up.... here he is with his kids and wife. My face turned bright red... I'm sure of it. Seriously so embarrassed while Brad is sitting there laughing at me. SO EMBARRASSED!!! How do these people still recognize me and I have no idea who they are until they tell me. How do I get myself in these situations? Why is my life a comedy? I can't make this stuff up!

Today at work I was the only CS there. It was kind of a slow day. I hate being cooped up in the office all day during the summer. Thankfully, Liz g-chatted with me while I was at work and we planned to lay out in the sun by the pool (we crash the Glenwood pool). Even though it wasn't very long... it made all the difference in the world. Highlight of my day. That needs to happen more often. Like, why have we not been doing this every week? I love my Liz time. I love summer.


Lil Lizzie said...

yay love my tracy time!

jamie hixon said...

I hope you either tried to sell that big bag of clothes or gave it to Kristy. She is always saying she wants to steal your clothes.

That Wedding thing does sound kinda crazy. My most embarrassing moment was a sub announcing to a class full of junior high students that I was sexy. (...in a play, but still. And I was wearing no makeup and yoga pants at the time. I felt really gross, actually.)

T-Ray said...

Jamie, I gave it all to Kristy. She felt like it was Christmas. :)