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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pioneer Day Fireworks

Like I have said before, I love fireworks. One of my favorite things about summer. Since I missed out on the fireworks on 4th of July... I was super excited for Mapleton's firework show on Pioneer Day. I also know from experience that Mapleton doesn't mess around when it comes to fireworks.

A group of us gathered around 8:30 to head down to Mapleton Park. They had a live band there that was performing mostly all the current pop songs. We sat on blankets on the grass and listened to the music and chatted.

I mostly just hung out and chatted with Lindsay... but I have also become better friends with Sarah since we ran the half marathon together. Those early hours before the race started really bonded us together.

Fireworks were supposed to start at 10, but it ended up being more like 10:15. It was worth it though. It was a GREAT fireworks show. They even played music with the fireworks. There were tons of people at the park for the fireworks. It is fun to see the silhouette of all the people lit up by the fireworks in the sky.

Me watching and loving the fireworks. I just love summer. Life doesn't get much better.

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jamie hixon said...

Beautiful picture of the fireworks.

Honestly, I resented Pioneer Day when I was a kid because it was always around my birthday. Now I think I would like to go to Utah and see how to really celebrate it. ;)