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Friday, July 19, 2013

Flashback Friday 126

In honor of Steve's wedding... I thought I would flashback to my time with those boys. These particular photo's were taken fall of 2006... but this started back when we first met... (I think). I always want to take pictures. Because I am the only girl in this gang (or was until they all got married) I got to be in the middle. Well... Nate and Steve decided to start tricking me in the pictures. I would be there smiling and posing for the picture... meanwhile they would give each other an evil smirk and either one would hold me in place while the other gave me a "zerbert" (blowing on the neck) as Nate calls them... or they would both go for it. You would think after so many years of them doing this that I would learn my lesson... or see it coming, but most of the time I totally didn't.  I drop to the ground and scream every time.

Hopefully now that they are all married and matured (?) the zerbert days are over....


Naterade said...

No promises! :P

jamie hixon said...

They look like zombies going for your brains. :)