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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 202

I can't believe it is 2014. The years go by so quickly now. Does that mean I'm getting old? What an amazing year it was. I hope this next year is just as amazing if not MORE amazing.... if that is even possible.

Work has been slower than slow. We have basically just been sitting around and chatting. On New Years Eve (Tuesday) we did just that... sat around and chatted. We got Cafe Rio and later got bored and wanted dessert so we went to Kneaders and grabbed some goodies. Then went home. Yep... that was it.

Friday it was just me and my boss and his boss... so they took me out to lunch to The Banana Leaf. I love that place, so I was happy. My lunch was YUMMY!

I FINALLY sold my PS2 and all of the games and Rock Band. Christmas Eve. Someone got a great Christmas present. I was so excited... because I never use it anymore and it took up so much space in my house. It was just collecting dust. Now it is gone and I am happy. A lot of good times were had while playing those games, but it was time for them to go. I got a crisp new $100. I hadn't seen the new ones before (probably because I never have cash... especially THAT much cash on me) so I was kind of excited about it.

With the money, plus Christmas and birthday money and gift cards... I got some fun things for Christmas that I am really excited about. I got new snow clothes, I got an awesome camelpak, I also got some snow shoes and I bought some snow boots online and am waiting for their arrival. I'm pretty set with snow gear and camping stuff... so hopefully I will be out more this winter and not hate it and therefore not get as depressed. I'm also supposed to have a fish meeting with my cousin Dave. Trav promised me I wouldn't get depressed this Winter if I had a fish tank. We shall see if that happens... it will be weather Dave can convince me and hook me up with enough stuff to make my decision.

My visiting teacher is so sweet and so on top of it. Not only did she bring me birthday and Christmas treats... and wished me a Happy New Year shortly after midnight... but she noticed I wasn't at church on Sunday and called me... found out that I was sick and shortly after brought me stuff that helped me get A LOT better. She is seriously the best. Love her.

Monday I was sick still... but was excited to go to Pilates (it's the only exercise I have gotten pretty much all month long). Jeannie is just too awesome, I can't miss her class. I'm glad I went, she kicked my butt like she always does. The unfortunate thing that happened at the very beginning of class. I was grabbing my weights for class. We don't wear shoes in Pilates... just throwing that out there. I went to grab my weights which were piled under a lot of different weights and one of the 3 lbs weights fell and landed on my big toe. Thank goodness it was only the 3 lbs and not any heavier because it hurt SO bad! I mean... it fell from a shelf like 4 ft up. It was painful and made class that much harder. After class I went and borrowed an ice pack from the gym and took it to my desk and iced my toe the rest of the afternoon while I rested it on a chair. So pathetic. Good job Tracy... good job. The picture doesn't look like it was that bad, but it hurt... and it bruised and got swollen. But it only lasted a couple of days. Now... it is a little tender, but it's fine. At least I'm not going to lose another toenail. I have been doing that a lot lately.

Monday after work I went with John and his dad and his nephews that were in town from AZ to a place called Airborne. I had never been there before, but it is like other places I have been to before where there are rooms just filled with trampolines. What is different about this place though is they have a little mini Ninja Warrior course there. John wanted me to go because he knows I like Ninja Warrior. The course is a lot harder than it looks. Both of John's nephews completed it, and John almost did... but then the cliff hanger got him. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten very far at all on the course. However, I'm really good at documenting, so that was my job. I video taped one of his nephews. I was still impressed with John even though he didn't complete the whole thing. He did most of it.

On Sunday my niece Sierra gave me this card she made right before she left. I'm she still likes making me stuff and writing me notes. It is so cute. I love it.

It's January now... the month of junk is over. I feel so crappy. I'm back strict on the diet and am determined to lose those last 10 lbs (probably 15 now). I know I'm going to feel tons better losing that weight and getting back into exercising more. So close to my goal, can't stop now... even though I took a 2 1/2 month break. ha ha. I can do this! What should my reward be when I reach my goal?

New Years day was chill. John and I hung out with his family for a little bit and my family for a while and did a little shopping... and we watched a documentary on Netflix called "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" which is pretty interesting... but of course then we wanted sushi (I'm so glad John loves sushi) so we went and got sushi. I love it. I could eat it way more than I do. I need to learn how to make it. I mean... I did it once, but I would love to master it, but I don't think I ever could.... so why try. ha ha. It is such an art. Anyway... it started our new year off right. :)


Kristy said...

Ooh. Sorry about your toe. That look like it killed. Glad you had a nice Christmas and birthday. Love you.

jamie hixon said...

I've hurt my toe before like that, and it does feel way worse than it looks... I remember. Don't worry, it will probably look worse and worse as it starts to heal. ;)

Sounds like you have an awesome VT!

Remind me when I next come to Utah I want to visit the Banana Leaf. That food looks awesome.

We got a new $100 for Christmas, they look fake, huh?