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Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Sharpie Mug Craft

Last Friday, when I went to the sleep over... one of the many things we did that night was do a craft. Sarah and Lexi and I love to craft. In fact the last time we got together before this, was to craft... that is when I made a maxi skirt for the first time.

Sarah looked on Pinterest for ideas and found a simple craft. Sharpie Mugs! She went to the store and got us all white mugs (which we paid her for) and brought a bunch of sharpies. 

You just draw on a white mug with a sharpie and then cook it in the over after for a half hour or so at 175 degrees. After it is cooked, the sharpie is not supposed to smear off. However we found that the colored sharpies still smeared after... but the black and red didn't. Good thing I only used black and red. That's all! Easiest craft ever! Here is each of our mugs. I love how we each did something so different, but they all turned out cute.

I pulled from a couple different ideas on Pinterest for the inspiration of mine. I LOVE how mine turned out. A little taste of home in a mug. :) I even wrote home at the bottom of the mug to find when you finish whatever you are drinking. 

So if you ever want a cheap and easy craft.... well, you know what to do.


Louisa said...

Apparently you're supposed to use their oil based sharpies for this craft. I haven't done it. That's just what I've heard.

jamie hixon said...

I really love yours. They all look totally legit and hipster though. How did you freehand that well? Are you a robot?

Tracy Mills said...

It was a fluke. I don't usually freehand well at all! ha ha