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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 204

Today was a sad day at work. There were more lay off's. Two people I know in the Legal department. It is always so sad. To try and lighten the mood, the lady that came from Seattle to do it took us to lunch... which was nice because it wasn't just our team that was affected.  Thank goodness my job is so specialized... they can't let me go.

I set up the fort on Sunday. It's fort week but I didn't advertise it like I did last time. I suppose I should have one big movie night in the fort... other than that,  John and I have just been hanging out in it, and a couple of friends and I watched a movie in it on Tuesday. This time I built the fort in the basement living room. I like it. It's a little colder, but it is cozy.

My friend Ellis (that I went to Southeast Asia with) blogged about our time in Vietnam. He did it in story form. He is funny, it made me laugh out loud to read his story and see each picture that went with it. You can read it here.

Babies... they get all the attention... for good reason. They are so cute. Love baby time... and family time.

My friend Allison and I are going to try and eat at places we have never been to in Utah County at least once a month. All about my goal I set a few years back... love where you live. Discover all the cool things and cool places where you live. We ate at this place I have driven by a million times but never gone in "Rocky Mountain Drive Inn". The food was ok. Our experience was priceless. I'm loving this already. I'm sure I will do a big post about it when we have gone to enough places. Allison is great. We think a lot of like, she is real fun to be with. I'm glad she is my new friend in the ward.

Typically I don't want it to snow... like ever, but I have never built a snowman (don't judge me). John and I keep planning to build one together, but either the snow melts or the snow is not the right kind of snow for building a snowman. I just want to build one snowman, that is all. Please give me that.

My toenail fell off tonight. This is the one that I have known was going to come off ever since I hiked to Havasupai in October. This is my second toenail I have lost in a year. Before that I don't know if I had ever lost one. Now... two thanks to the half marathon and hiking 10 miles to Havasupai. Guess it was worth it. SO glad the nails don't come off until another one has grown under it.

I ran out of episodes of "I shouldn't be alive". I was so sad. I wished that they had ALL of the seasons on Netflix. I love that show. Now... I'm watching nothing. Just trying to finish Ben's book so I can give it back to him. So far... so interesting. Like I said, relationships and what we think of others and ourselves is so interesting to me... so much to learn too. I'm liking this book a lot so far.

On Wednesday I had my monthly massage. Have I told you that I get a massage every month now? It was such a great decision. I feel so great. The lady I go to does such an amazing job. LOVE IT!

Besides that... I think that is about it for my week... so I will leave you with a picture of the sunset that I took yesterday. I just LOVE sunsets. All of them so different, all of them so beautiful.


Lynette Mills said...

I like that you took a picture of your discarded toenail :)

Lori said...

Fort week :) how fun. Your toe nail that fell off looks just like a press on! ha. I hope you get to build a snow man before winter ends.
Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!

jamie hixon said...

I got a full body massage. It took her two hours and it was amazing. It had been a LONG time, and I'm all messed up from having a baby anyway.

Should I just buy the DVDs of Veronica Mars and send them to you? I'm telling you... watch it!


Also, glad you are not getting laid off.