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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dinner and a Movie with Des

It had been a while since Desiree and I had gotten together. Too long really. So we decided to change that and got together tonight.

I drove to her house so I could see the twins... and then we went to dinner at Rumbi's (we love and got the same thing... the BBQ Chicken salad) and then we headed over to the movie theater.

I know it is pretty after the fact, but we both had never seen Frozen, so we went to go see that. We laughed throughout the entire thing and loved the music.

We could talk and laugh and be as loud as we wanted cause guess what? We were the only ones there! I love it when that happens. :)

I love my Desiree time. We decided that we had waiting too long and we shouldn't let that happen again. Up until she had kids we were a lot better about keeping in touch. Hopefully it won't be that long until next time.


Lynette Mills said...

Such pretty girls

jamie hixon said...

Wow, I can't believe the theater was empty for Frozen. Good movie huh? Is it terrible that my favorite song is the one Anna sings with the evil prince? ;)