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Monday, January 13, 2014

All Things Girly Sleep Over

Last Friday night I was invited to a sleep over! I know... I'm 31 and I still get invited to and attend sleep overs... and I love it. It was at my friend Lexi's new house. Her husband was out of town... so she called the girls! Sarah and I met in my ward a few years ago... we did Hairspray and tap dancing and the Flashmob. The Flashmob is where I met Lexi. The other two girls I didn't know... but I got to know them throughout the night. They were fun girls.

I call it an All Things Girly Sleep Over because really... we did so much and took advantage that we were having a girls night (which I haven't had for a while... I forgot how much I miss girl time even though I love spending all my time with Johnny). First we went out to dinner at this Italian Bistro at the Outlets. I got a salad. Then we went back to Lexi's and we watched The Bachelor while painting our nails.

Then we made mocktails.... and of course took pictures. We had fun mixing and trying all the drinks. Some good... some not so good. Ha ha... but at least they look pretty.

Then we changed into PJ's and we played games while watching Knight and Day and eating popcorn.

We also did a Mug craft. I will blog more about that later....

Then we went to bed, but when we got up the next morning... we had a breakfast tea party (my idea) and I brought over my tea set and everything. I brought a sour cream pound cake. Sarah brought Ginger tea and her friend brought croissants and put nutella in them and baked them up and we had the most pleasant saturday morning with our girl talk over tea and pastries and fruit.

Each tea bag came with a message. Love this.

It was so fun. So glad I was invited and got to spend time with Lexi and Sarah who I don't see super often and make a couple of new friends too.


jamie hixon said...

That looks super fun, and I love your CA mug! It turned out cute. And I also love your tea set. And I also love you.

Lori said...

Those mugs are awesome! I want to hear more about how to do that!!!