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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 206

I finally took the fort down. It was time. It had been a little over two weeks that it had been up. I think everyone that came to the fort agreed that the basement living room is a better location for it. So I think I will set it up there from now on. Less I have to drag up and down the stairs anyway. Before I took it down, I had another sleep over in it and my cousin Dave got to see it when he was helping me set up my fish tank on Monday.

The reason I kept the fort up for another day was for Liz. She came over and it is tradition to spend time with Liz in the fort. This time we chatted and she helped me with my taxes (aka did them for me). She is the best. I hate doing taxes and for some reason, she loves it. So it works out. I'm so glad they are over and done with. And January isn't even over! What? ha ha.

Sunday we had ward conference. It was great. I love our stake leaders. Our Bishopric is of course equally as awesome. Our bishop gave a very heart felt talk that I loved. His love just radiates and I really appreciate that about him.

I also had a heart to heart with my health coach this week. February is the month I am rededicating myself to my diet. I'm writing it here to be held accountable as I told her I would. I want to reach my goal weight before spring hits so that I can feel good putting on a bathing suit. My cheat days will be my yurt trip, World Nutella Day and Valentines day. That is all. Yes, I celebrate World Nutella Day every year.

Still sore from Pilates this week. Can I just say how happy I am to have Jeannie back teaching Pilates after a year or so of no Pilates. I need it and am so happy to have it back. My core strength is finally starting to come back a little. Now to get back into running.... Lolly and I decided we want to run a race together this year. Hopefully a 10k. I haven't done one of those yet.

I have a zit on my lip. It hurts.

Today for work, I only worked a half day because I left the snow to go to 75 degree weather in Arizona. I'm loving it so far. My half day at work was pretty awesome. I checked my email and did a couple of things and then we all went to Sportsman's Warehouse to get fishing licenses. When I get back from Arizona, we are going ice fishing. Since we were right by the Sweet Tooth Fairy and Paul had never been there before, we went in. You can't go in there and no get anything. It's too delicious. So my boss had us each pick out two cake bites to get. On the way back to work Paul was reciting poetry that he knew to me because he was giving Ron suggestions of things to do for his wife for her birthday. My department is so full of characters. I swear our office would make a great comic strip. My brother in law's sister / my old roommate/ my friend and mutual friend of my co-worker Lauren and I... Blythe, would do the best job making the comic of our office. Too bad it would never happen. It was a great idea though.

I flew Allegiant from Provo to Mesa. This was my second time flying out of the Provo airport. I love it. Flying into Mesa was great as well because it is super close to where my sister lives. I don't know if I have the strongest feelings about Allegiant though. They will charge you for everything. No water even  unless you want to pay $2. There was ZERO leg room and they are super picky about charging for bags and seats... anywhere they can find room to charge, they will. You have to be careful with them or else it doesn't end up being as cheap as you think it will be. No doubt it is convenient though.

I'm not going to lie, I was VERY excited to escape the cold for a long weekend. It was snowing today when I left, and I got to AZ and it was 75 degrees and I had to take off my jacket because I was too warm waiting outside for my sister to come pick me up from the airport. I LOVE IT!!! I mean.. I was sad to miss the snow only because I still want to build a snowman, but I don't think there was enough snow anyway... and John reassured me that Winter would still be there when I got back.

I am SO excited for my entire family to be together starting tomorrow night. Besides for like 10 minutes for our family pictures two Christmas's ago, we haven't all been together in like 5 years I think. Should be a blast. And we are all going to be under the same roof. WHAT? Should be a blast.

Speaking of family. My niece Irelyn put on my mom's glasses on Sunday. I thought it was hilarious because it made her look like a Hipster. Don't you think? A very cute Hipster. She cracks me up.

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jamie hixon said...

I'm so glad you came. And I hope we can do the cabin thing in June!