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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Tubing

The last time I went snow tubing at Soldier Hollow (which was also my first time) was 4 years ago. We went for work. I remembered it was a good time, so when I saw a Groupon for it, I bought it. A group in my ward was also forming that were buying Groupon's for it and were all going to go together. I figured if John didn't want to go with me, someone would.

That group went this last Friday night and lucky for me, John wanted to go with me. We got there a little after 6 and had until 8. I finally got to try out my new snow clothes and excited to wear my snow boots again. I love my snow boots. My new snow clothes are pretty awesome as well.

We chose our tube and got hooked up to the lift. John and I always went down the hill together. You go faster that way... plus then you have the company. One time we went down with a couple of people in my ward as well... although we somehow broke off from each other half way down. The weird thing is.... besides those two, we only saw a few others from our group the entire time we were there. Not sure how since our group was half the people on the hill. Here is our group minus John and I and two others. (They must have taken this after we left)

As much fun as John and I had going down the hill a few times. It was SO cold. This was not as much the case last time I went because I went during the day. I think this would have been a lot more pleasant even though we had the beautiful view of the Midway and Heber city lights. It was just too dang cold. Your face freezes as the wind and snow shavings hit your face as you zip down the hill. Even in my new snow boots my toes were starting to go numb and we won't even talk about my hands because it past the point of cold and numb. We still had fun, but we didn't mind leaving at 7:30 instead of 8. Plus I  got a deal on it anyway. We would have gone during the day except with the Groupon we could only use it on weekdays and well.... we all work.  Oh well. It was still fun and John and I are glad we went. John had never been before, so it was a new experience. John and I always have fun together no matter what we do.

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jamie hixon said...

That actually sounds fun, which I wouldn't have thought.