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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 203

Well... it's snowing again. It's pretty, but annoying to drive in. However... now I have working windshield wipers thanks to my dad... so that helps a lot. I have been determined to not get depressed this Winter. So far so good! I mean... I know it is only January 9th, but hey! I'm still proud of myself. ha ha. I'm trying to plan lots of Winter activities and try new things that I have never done before. I think this is going to help.

I was supposed to go back strict on the diet. OH MAN! It's so hard! Once you tell yourself it is ok to cheat, it is SO HARD to go back to being disciplined. I have been doing a lot better than I was in December. I do great during the day.... however I still have a lot of room to improve. At least I'm not gaining. I have been exercising again as well. I already feel a lot better than I did last month and I'm not sick anymore either. Amazing what you eat can so LARGELY affect how you feel. It took me a long time (too long) to figure that out. I WILL reach my goal. I can do it.

On Sunday my nephew Calvin was wearing the shirt that I gave to Clara as a gift at her baby shower. Naturally we had to take a picture. He is so cute. If you can't read the shirt, it says "My Auntie Rocks" and has a little guitar on it. I tell people that as the only single one and without kids in the family, it is my right to be the favorite Aunt to all of my nieces and nephews. That is fair right? I make sure they learn my name first. Of course this is a lot easier if they live close to me. I love hearing my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Tracy... or even just Tracy.. especially when they are first learning how to talk. I love hearing Irelyn just randomly say "Hi Tacy". I also love that she calls my mom Mills... you know, instead of like Grandma. Cracks me up every time.

When John and I were driving in American Fork on Saturday, the car in front of us hit a deer. We saw it happen. Oh man... it was a total flashback to this summer for me. I just saw the deer dying and watched the car pull over and I said "I know how you feel". So sad when that happens.

Let's talk about a professional work environment and what is acceptable and what is not. I have mentioned before that I go up to the 5th floor to use the bathroom instead of using my floor (the 4th floor). There are less people on the 5th floor, therefore the bathroom is less used. Although I have a greater appreciation for our public bathrooms here in the States since being in Asia... I still hate public bathrooms... so I think it is worth the walk up the stairs to use a cleaner bathroom where they have bath and body works soaps and such. Well... since the holidays, they have had the stairs blocked off! It's a tragedy really. Nobody has been able to use the stairs for weeks. Therefore I have been using the bathrooms on my floor. I mean, I could take the elevator, but it just is silly for anyone that has to stop at my floor so I can go up one floor. My point with all of this is.... this week I went into the bathroom on my floor and the 2nd stall (which I normally use) had poop on it. No joke. I was so grossed out. First of all... how does that even happen. It's a big hole. Second of all, you are an adult... clean up after yourself! Don't leave it for everyone else to see and skip over... nobody is going to want to sit on that toilet... pretty much ever again. It just blows my mind that that is something that would happen at my work. Come on ladies!

Speaking of work... we had a meeting the other day. It was a meeting about what movie we were going to see today at work. It was funny... the meeting lasted a lot longer than you would expect since we were just picking what movie we were going to watch. However... we had all been going to see movies over the holidays and were trying to pick a movie that the least amount of people had seen and wanted to see. This meeting included a chart of all of our names and the movies that we had seen and not seen. Most of us had not seen "Book Thief", but most of us also preferred to see "Saving Mr Banks". The only fair thing to do was for Ron and Andy to represent each of the movies and then play Rock Paper Scissors.... so that is what happen. Ron won... which mean we went to go see "Saving Mr. Banks" today. We all loved it. So good and apparently it is pretty accurate to how it all went down. Well done... well done. So interesting to learn the back story on Marry Poppins. Gives me a different perspective on it all now. What a great movie. However... can't go wrong with Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks now can you.

Little shout out to John. He is good to me. I'm sure he will smile when he reads this. He loves reading about himself. When he comes over, the first thing he does (if it has snowed) is shovel our back patio and put salt down (that he brought over). I should be better about doing it myself. There are so many things I have had to do myself for so long.... it is so nice to feel like someone is helping me out and taking care of me for a change. You know... without having to ask.

So I have been watching a lot of "I Shouldn't be Alive" on Netflix. I love that show. John says it takes them too long to tell the story (which I agree) but each show is so intense and I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting to find out how they got out of it! Almost every episode a get teary eyed when they finally get rescued because I am so happy they made it out (even though I know they already made it out... they are telling the story). It's so silly how easily I cry. I love it though. Makes me appreciate my life more. It also makes me think I hope I'm never telling one of those stories. I never would though. I am pretty positive that it I were in ANY of those situations, I would have died. Seriously. I'm such a wimp. I just think of that night at Templed Square... I was SO cold that I didn't know how much I could take and I was only out in it for a few hours. Almost all of the stories they survive through the night in freezing temperatures. Yep... I would die.

My snow boots that I ordered online came in the mail yesterday. They are called "Joan of Arctic". Just by the name you know they are awesome. No more freezing feet out in the snow for me. I'm excited. Wait until you see a picture of them. They rock. I think I will try them out this weekend. Keep your eye out for them in pictures. They have fur.

Tuesday I went to go see my cousin Dave. He has the most rockin Salt Water tank EVER! It was fun to check it out and just to hang out with him and Heather and the kids. It had been WAY too long. I shouldn't let that happen again. I have a goal this year to stay better connected to friends (outside of my ward) and family. I just look at how much my relationship improved with Trav when I went to go visit him. What if I could do that with a lot more relationships? That would be pretty awesome... so I'm going to try and be better at it. Anywho, not only was it great to hang out with cousin Dave, but I showed him pictures from my scuba dive in Thailand and he told me the names of all the fish and coral that I saw. He knows so much about sea life. I told him that he and Trav NEEDED to get scuba certified and that one day we would all go on a dive together. We also had a fish meeting. He told me the cost for me to have a little 20-30 gallon salt water tank (which is really all I want and have room for). The price was right and we are now in touch with each other looking on KSL for the perfect tank for me. Once I get that... he will help me set up the tank (and he is a pro) and help me get the rest. I'm super excited for it. Just hoping a good tank shows up on KSL soon! I have the coolest cousins.

I started reading a new book. My neighbor and good friend, Ben, suggested it to me and wanted me to read it to see what I thought and talk about it. I just started it (was supposed to start it a few weeks ago... opps) so far it is really interesting though. The book is called "Intimate Connections". It is about relationships with others and yourself. It is a really interesting topic for me lately. First chapter is about loneliness. Everyone experiences it whether you are single or in a relationship. You shouldn't rely on other people to make you happy. This is something that I had to learn through the years for sure. I still can struggle with it a little, but am for sure A LOT better than I used to be. I loved the second chapter. It is all about loving yourself before others can love you. It encourages you to spend time by yourself which can be a really hard thing for a lot of people. What I loved is that it tells you that in order to feel love for yourself, you have to treat yourself like you would treat someone you love. Example: Have dinner by yourself, but instead of grabbing junk food from the pantry, cook yourself a great meal and set it up at a nice table like you were serving someone you invited over for dinner. I LOVE that. I actually do that sometimes. Why are we so afraid to treat ourselves like we are special. I totally believe that if you treat yourself special, you believe it too. Which you should. I need to read more of the book. Next book I want to read is called "Blink". It is about the way we think. I have been meaning to read it forever because my BFF neighbor, Darrell, said it is awesome. So many books to read. Really wish I was more of a reader! I need audio books!

A guy I used to be interested in came over on Sunday. It was kind of a surprise. I actually haven't seen him or heard much from him since I started dating John. All of the sudden he calls me on Sunday morning. I didn't answer. He leaves a voicemail asking me how I was doing and telling me how nervous he was to call me and that he really wanted to talk. I text him back later and told him we could talk. He replies "Great, I will come by sometime". Later that night, I'm at my parents house. He calls me at like 7:30. He asks me if I am home. I said no, why. He tells me he's at my house. I'm like.. what? Why didn't you call before just coming over? Anyway... I had to leave my parents house and meet up with him at my house. He gives me a hug and brought chocolates for us to share. He tells me I'm as beautiful as the last time he saw me. It's very nice, but I'm just wondering why he all the sudden wants to talk. He sits on the couch, I sit on the opposite side. He tells me how last month he was so depressed and things have been so hard for him and troubles with his job and told me about his online dating experience... I tried to give him some good advice, but really I told him he should go to counseling. He is very cute and very sweet... but honestly, when he left I thought... what a mess. I can't believe I was interested in him. I need someone that has their act together, not someone that is going to always bring drama into my life. John has his act together.

Text today: "Hey! I need to call in a favor. You down? *would you be down for something odd? I need a passionless peck. Under some mistletoe." Me: "Huh?!..."

This is starting to get long. I guess I have had a good/interesting week. Tonight I was supposed to have a roomie reunion dinner with Meg and Sarah at India Palace. That is where we went to dinner for my birthday last year. SO GOOD. I just love Indian food. Maybe that was the third time this week that I have eaten it. Other two time I made it though. I am starting to collect all the spices now so it is getting easier to make. Anyway. Meg cancelled... but then Sarah text me and asked me if I still wanted to go. I was happy. So we went. It was great. I have missed Sarah (and Meg) they were the best roommates. I need to be better about getting together with them. Easier with Meg because we gchat all the time while we both are at work. Sarah it has been harder even though she lives closer. I'm glad we went tonight though. We had great food and a great chat. Love her.

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jamie hixon said...

I want treats pretty much every day, pretty much every 3 hours when I feed Ezra. It is crazy and strange. And I have no energy, so it is hard for me to make nutritious meals. Just READING about your diet makes me hungry. Good luck!

It is hilarious that Irelyn calls Mom "Mills." Ha! Didn't know that.

Poop is gross. People are gross.

I'm so glad I saw Saving Mr. Banks. That was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! Glad you enjoyed it.

John sounds amazing. Maybe you can send him over here and he can mop for me or something. ;)

Your books sound interesting. Maybe I should check them out.