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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Angels Landing

Out of all the hikes in Zion's National Park, Angles Landing is probably the most popular one, and one of the hardest. You literally climb a mountain. My friends did it last year, but I had to leave early because I was meeting up with Lolly in Vegas for a concert that we already had planned. In a way, I was kind of relieved to have an excuse to get out of it. The hike would have been even harder for me last year being 55 pounds heavier and well... there is the heights. I had heard many say "If you are afraid of heights, you shouldn't do it". Well, I'm very much afraid of heights.

I figured I should do the hike at some point. But I had lots of time for that in the future, no need to do it this weekend. In fact we weren't planning on it. We were going to do a bunch of smaller hikes. Well, when we met up with RJ, he had invited some friends that insisted that we do this hike. Everyone agreed on it (except for me) and we were on our way. I then got silent and started having a little bit of anxiety about it. I was nervous. Real nervous. RJ is also afraid of heights, so I knew at least I wasn't alone.

So we started on our hike. (I'm going to use pictures from the internet to show you the hike because I didn't take many pictures along the way because I was so nervous, and it was annoying to continue to get my camera out of my backpack) I had many people giving me pep talks along the way... telling me I could do it. For the most part I actually stayed up front in the hike line. I did a lot better than I thought I would. I'm usually a slow hiker. So far so good. I mean, it's all up hill, but we are chatting and having a good time and enjoying the scenery.

Then we get to this point. Ok... little harder. I'm still doing ok and trucking a long.

After that, you are at the top. The view is amazing. You feel proud of yourself for climbing the mountain. Then you realize you are not done. This isn't the end of the hike. You still have a half mile left.... and it is the scariest part of the hike.  This is where I froze.... I wasn't sure if I could go to the end. Could I? This is what the last half mile looks like.

I got a few pep talks from strangers... and all my friends were going. So RJ and I (the scared ones) stuck together and joked our way through our fears and started the rest of the hike... one step at a time. I didn't look down or to the side of me... I would get too scared of how high I was. I just kept looking at wear to step (or climb) next. It was scary for me... but thank goodness for all of the chain there is to hold on to.... I held on for dear life. Anytime there was no chain I would have another mini panic attack. Here are some pictures of what some of that last half mile of the hike contained.

Then.... I made it to the top! It was a good feeling, and you really feel like you are on top of the world. In fact, we got great reception up there and someone played "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons. It was amazing to just sit up there and relax and enjoy the view and think how awesome it was that I just climbed up there. People have died doing this hike... lots of people actually... and I made it! Here is the view from the top of Angles Landing.

RJ and I faced our fears and came out on top! He kept saying it was all for the Instagram. ha ha. He is a funny guy.

I will add more pictures once I get them from RJ, but until now, here I am with my girl Quinette that did the hike with me and helped talk me through. She is awesome.

Bill and I. We walked up the first bit of the hike together. He also encouraged me and cheered me on throughout the hike.

And me on the top of a 1500 ft rock! It took us all 4 hours or so, but we did it. Hooray!


Gary said...

Brave girl, fantastic place. Congrautlations Tracy.

Lynette Mills said...

You did so good! I don't know if I could have done it!

jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh I'm getting sick just looking at these pictures. You don't even know. Maybe before I had kids... but I'm telling you ever since I've had children I just can't do stuff like this. "People have died..." let me stop you right there. HECK TO THE NO.

I'm glad you are not dead, Tracy!

Lori said...

Oh WOW! That hike looks so amazing and so gnarly! Great job! I would love to do that hike, I think. Although, Jamie is right, after having kids, my bravery is way down the tubes. :(