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Monday, March 31, 2014

Holi - Festival of Colors Take 8!

It's that time of year again. A time that I love. The time when Winter comes to a close and we welcome SPRING! It's lighter longer. It's getting warmer. The earth becomes alive again... and... the Festival of Colors happens!

I know... I blog about it every year. There is nothing new about it I can tell you. I will say that I have been trying to do new things every year. Last year, I made a video of it for the first time. Well... this year I didn't even go in. What? That's right, I wanted to attend this year as a photographer on the outside taking pictures. Still getting to go to the festival and celebrate and be part of the fun without getting all messy this time (even though I have loved that in the past). I just wanted to try something different this year.

I almost didn't go, but I convinced my friend Ellis to go with me as a photographer and thankfully he agreed. This is all the color we got on us this year.... just because people can't resist someone who is all clean. I didn't mind getting a little on me. I think I would have felt like I wasn't there if we didn't at least have a little color.

However, not as fun as getting in there and all colored up. Here are my Holi faces from the past 7 years.

Ellis and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the event. That is one of the reasons I asked Ellis to go with me. I knew he would appreciate wanting to go as a photographer and not only be okay with that, but really enjoy it. The event is so popular now, that they went from throwing the colors once in the afternoon on Saturday, then twice on Saturday and Sunday, then to every two hours on Saturday and Sunday and now every hour on both days. Thankfully I know the drill and know what to expect and how long it is going to take to get there and how to avoid some of the traffic. Ellis and I avoided most traffic and got an awesome parking spot and got there JUST in time for the throwing but decided to stick around for the next hour and take pictures of people and the next throwing. Ellis got some cool shots. These were my favorites of his.

And then some of my favorites. I also made a GIF of the throwing. Cause I'm cool like that.

Happy Holi everyone! Until next year...


Kristy said...

You sure are getting good at photography Tracy. Those are excellent.

Lynette Mills said...

I don't know how you know to make that moving picture, but it is so cool!!

William said...

Right on Tracy! I think it's so great that you have grabbed this tradition into your life. It a good one for sure :) Great job with the pictures! They are super beautiful.
I sure appreciate that you blog so that I can keep up with you and your fun life in Utah :)Love you sis!

jamie hixon said...

I was wondering how you got that awesome shot... great idea to go as a photographer! You got some AMAZING shot. I heard about the free hugs signs, hilarious. Your gif ROCKS!