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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Photo of the Week 210

I took this picture while hiking in Zion's on Saturday. What a beautiful place.


Cody Christiansen said...

Almost looks like a fairy tail. Beautiful photo!

Lynette Mills said...

This might be the one

jamie hixon said...

What? That doesn't even look real.

FLORINA MU'A said...

I came across your blog via sara Pedersen page.. I served with her in alaska...and I love love love your blog.. safe travels. . I'm going to Samoa next year February... If you wanna go let's go! Then to Morocco in august next year.. but I really really want to visit Vietnam..your pics are amazing

Tracy Mills said...

Hi Florina! Thank you! Wow... what a sweet compliment. I actually really want to go to Morocco. Keep me updated on your travel plans. :)