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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 211

I really can't believe it's March. Time is flying by. In one way I hate it... but in another way I love it. I'm ready for summer. Spring is almost here and I'm ready for warm weather and lots of outdoor activities. We had such a short Winter this year. Not going to complain about that... even though I did want to build a snowman. Oh well. Next year I guess.

I shouldn't be admitting this but.... it's Girl Scout Cookie season and I bought two boxes from my co-worker who has a daughter that is a Girl Scout. Well... I have a month and a half to hit my goal weight... hopefully I can do it. Better get my act together.

Speaking of weight... MacKenzie and I are watching My 600 LB Life. Wow... if that isn't motivating to make healthy changes in your life, I don't know what is.

John invited me to his soccer game again this week. It was intense. The score was back and forth. I get really nervous watching because John plays goalie. He always has. Every goal the other team makes is because he didn't get it. It's so much pressure, but he loves it. He is good at it. He played a good game and they actually ended up winning again. That might be his last game. Not because the season is over, but because he doesn't want to risk getting injured before he leaves. I can't believe the time has come for him to go... for 6 months. We have talked about it since our first date. It's hear. I will be sad and miss him when he is gone. Even though we broke up, we still spend time together and he is still the person I tell everything to. I have never been into soccer that much... but I'm even going to miss going to his soccer games.

Went to get salads at Zupas with my new friend Quinette. She is also friends with Allison. I think we are going to have lots of adventures to come. She is a cool girl and we had a good time chatting it up and making good health goals. We are going to start doing core workouts together at my house a couple times a week. That is going to be good for me. I need all the encouragement I can get. MacKenzie wants in too. So great when you have friends that all want to get fit and healthy together. Those are good friends to keep around. Positive and encouraging. I need as much of that as I can get.

So my saltwater fish tank has been an adventure. MacKenzie and I check on it and stare at it everyday. I had no idea what things happened in these tanks. I just figured once you had it set up it just stayed that way. Well... I already told you about the weeds... and I bought peppermint shrimp to help eat them. Anyway... I finally did my first water change on Saturday. I went to Reef Runners in Orem and the guy there has really helped me out. I brought buckets and filled one with RO water to add to the tank instead of tap water (which I was doing before and that isn't good) and I got a bucket full of salt water so that I didn't have to try and figure out mixing for my water change. I bought some tube and I emptied about 3 gallons and put the new 3 gallons in. My anemone that had moved to the very back of the tank and was all curled up and mad was no happy and came out of hiding. Although... he moved into my filter pads into the back part of the tank that is separated from the rest of the tank... wasn't expecting that. So I moved him to the front of the tank (not sure if you are supposed to move them by hand?) and then yesterday..... HE SPLIT IN TWO!! What?! I had no idea they could do that. So now I have two anemone's.... which is awesome. He must be really happy? I don't know. This is all a new experience to me. Everyday I just don't know what I'm going to get with that tank. To help us feel like we know what we are doing, Mackenzie checked out a saltwater tank's for dummies book. Better get reading on that.

On Wednesday I went to the Springville Art Museum. The mid singles were having an event, so I saw many people I knew there. I always love going to the Springville Art Museum, it's so charming. Really. And it makes me want to take up painting. I really should... especially since I have all the stuff to do it. Maybe I should let my fish tank be my inspiration. Really... that could give me a lot of colorful art. Mmmm.....

I have so many projects. I have given myself until the end of April to put together my Southeast Asia book of my trip AND the video of my trip. I still need to get video's from one more person, but I really need to get it going. So much to do... so much I don't want to sit still long enough to do. ha ha

This week I started watching "An Idiot Abroad" on Netflix. I had heard of the show before a little over a year ago because I had seen part of an episode when I was visiting my friend Kirsten, but kind of forgot about it since until I was reminded of it on Sunday. John and I went to my old roommates (Sarah) birthday party and ran into a couple of our Havasupai friends. Anyway, one of them mentioned the show and how funny it was and that it was on Netflix and I started watching it on Tuesday and just finished it today. It was SO funny. It had me laughing out loud all the time. I love that he traveled with Warwick Davis in season 3. If you decided to watch it though... I must warn you it is a British show and is not edited on Netflix. So funny... so funny. I'm sad it's over.

Remember when I got $200 from work for my 5 year anniversary? I spent $100 of it on new running shoes from Nike that I designed myself. I already used the other $100 even though I had a year to use it. I know... I have such an easy time spending money. The thing is you had to spend it on certain things... it's not like I could put it into savings or to pay bills. Anyway... I put $50 towards iTunes because I ALWAYS love getting new music. I'm a music freak AND the other $50 went to Sephora. I haven't bought make up in a LONG time. I try to stay away from Sephora because the make up is so expensive. However, it is my favorite make up. So I bought some new stuff from there. One of which was this beautiful makeup pallet. I love the natural colors. I usually go darker for the smokey eye look (when I do wear eye shadow) but I think I'm going to try and go lighter now. I'm excited.


Lynette Mills said...

I need to come over and stare at that fish tank!

jamie hixon said...

I've wanted a "naked" palate for a long time, but I can't justify it because I only wear makeup on Sundays and I already have a ton. ha.

Painting is therapeutic. You should do it.

I will never have a saltwater fish tank, but I'm glad you are enjoying the adventure.