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Monday, March 24, 2014

Nutty Bracelet

When John left, my friend Lexi text me and told me she would put together a girls night to help distract me of John's absence. She is the sweetest. So she got the girls together on Friday night. Some are the same from our girls sleep over from January. Other girls I didn't know. Most of the girls I didn't know actually... but I love making new friends, and I made new friends on the last girls night too. I love it. I can never have too many new friends.

We went out to dinner and then some met back up at Ann's house for some crafting. We love to craft. Sarah is like the queen of crafts. She saw this bracelet on Pinterest and decided that would be our craft. I don't usually wear bracelet's but I really like this one and think I will wear it. In fact I wore it on Sunday. Such a simple craft too. 

Supplies you need... 

String/leather/rope (whatever you want the look to be)

Yep... that's it! 

All you do it tie the string or in my case leather into a knot. Then you braid the 3 pieces. Then you add a nut, braid, add a nut, braid, add a nut and braid until you use all of your nuts (we each used two packets) then you braid and tie off. Then you can just tie it around your wrist. 

Easy Peasy craft. Plus the bracelet's are way cute. Who would have thought!


Gary said...

Hey Tracy. Those were nuts. Bolts are the things that the nuts screw onto. Just saying.

Tracy said...

Thanks Uncle Gary... shows how much I know about tools :)

jamie hixon said...

Nice! And so trendy right now.