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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 212

It has been another beautiful week.... except for Monday when the wind blew over our back fence and MacKenzie and I had to put it back together and fix it. We handled it though. Wednesday though, it was so nice out that John and I decided to meet at the park by my house for my lunch break and just lay out on a blanket. It was so nice. I am just trying to soak up as much sun as I can. My skin is so pasty! I really just want to get a little bit of color. So excited for Spring and Summer. Even though it is not officially Spring yet, we already marked off one item on our Spring bucket list (Go to Zion's).

Speaking of Zion's, my legs are just now feeling normal. They were quite sore from hiking Angels Landing. I was so thankful that I had a massage scheduled yesterday. It was awesome and helped me out a lot.

I finished "How to Win Friends and Influence People". It was pretty good. Good people skills. I felt like they didn't really tell me anything I didn't know though. Now I am reading "A Single Voice" by Sister Oaks. I think this is going to be a good read for me. I am only a few chapters in, but I already feel like I relate 100% and it is so nice to feel understood and recognized for how hard these challenges are of being an "older single". I will report again when I am done reading it.

I started a new show. Warehouse 13. It has been in my list to watch on Netflix for a while, recommended by my sister Kristy and my mom. I'm half way done with it. I think it's ok... it's a little cheesy for me and one of the younger girls really bugs me, but it is interesting and I am committed to it, so I will finish it out. I will finish it pretty quick though. Only 3 seasons.

Sometimes I bring my laptop to work. If I think it is going to be a slow day and I have blogging to do or movies to make or pictures to edit, I just bring it in. I do this at the same time as any work that comes in and while watching Netflix and checking facebook and Pinterest and talking with my friends on gchat. I know... it takes talent to be a multi-tasker.

Our internet has been having problems lately. It is just in and out. When the Network doesn't connect automatically, all the surrounding Networks show up. Sometimes what other people name their Wifi makes me laugh. This one "Drop it like it's hotspot" ranks right up there with "Pretty fly for a Wifi".

Me, Allison and Quinette got together on Tuesday night and we did some ab ripper workout and yoga. We hopefully are going to continue this on a regular basis. I need it. All the extra motivation I can get. I actually bought some weights so that I can start doing stuff while I listen to music or watching tv down in my basement. I did a little workout on my own today. I just need to keep that up... like everyday.

I went to John's last Soccer game on Monday. Sadly they lost. It started out positive, but they just got beat down in the second half. Dang it. At least I had someone to sit with this time, his dad and nephew came.

I am trying out book binding. It is harder and more time consuming than you would think. I'm glad I am trying it out though, I have always wanted to. I'm making two at a time, I'm glad because I'm not sure if I will make another one again unless I can find an easier way to do it. I think my books will end up having.... a lot of character. ha ha.

Annoying text convo of the week:

Boy: "Hey! Are you around tonight?"
Me: "I am. Just chillin at home"
Boy: " I see, I'm just at Institute"
Me: "Cool"

I'm thinking.... and? What do you want? If you want to hang out with me just freaking say it already. If not, why do you care if I'm around or not? If that is the case just ask me what I'm doing. Ugh.

I went to PetSmart to pick up something for my tank. I had been in once before for a tank item and talked to a guy for a minute to see if he knew anything that could help me. Anyway, it was the same guy when I checked out this time weeks later. He was like... OH HEY! How's the salt water tank going? Has your cousin been helping you out? Ha ha... I was surprised he remembered me and remembered everything that I had said. It took me by surprise. Nice guy.

I met a fish nerd (as my cousin who is the king of fish nerds calls them). I told him the state of my tank and that I didn't know what to do and that my shrimp died and so on and so forth. He told me to buy a test kit (which I didn't know I needed to do) and that he would come over and help me test the water and diagnose the problem. After he told me he would do that for me, I started calling him the fish Dr. Anyway... I bought the kit and he came over. It was like a science experiment, but we figured out the problem. Nitrate is in the Danger zone. I had no idea. So we did another water change that night and he told me I need to continue to do them everyday (it might end up being every other day) until Nitrate is under control. THEN I can get shrimp and they will survive and they will eat the Aiptasia and once the aiptasia is gone THEN I can get coral from cousin Dave and my salt water tank will look pimped out. I will also get some snails and crabs to help clean the tank. Man... I had a lot to learn. Thank goodness for the Fish Dr.! He was so nice to come over just to help a new reefer that he had never met before. He is passionate about it. I told him when I go to my cousin's house next that he could come and pick his brain and check out his awesome tank. He was so excited about this. Anyway.... Hopefully I will get this reef down. I still haven't killed any of the fish or anemone's. Got to look on the bright side.


Caytlin said...

My favorite wireless network name I've ever seen is "hide yo kids hide yo wifi" :)

Kristy said...

We had a neighbor who named theirs "Put your clothes on" Jess thought it might be a message to him since he always got dressed downstairs. :)

jamie hixon said...

The Fish Doctor... ha! Glad you had a helper, that fish stuff sounds like a ton of work.

I think you should make one of your books into a book of spells, then it would be good if it had a lot of character. ;)

We watched a few Warehouse 13 episodes when mom was here. We liked it ok but we forgot about it. Maybe we will pick it back up. I forget, do you watch Once Upon a Time? I'm sick of recommending Veronica Mars, so I'll recommend that one.

Tracy Mills said...

Jamie, first of all... I WISH I could watch Veronica Mars. If it were on Netflix, I totally would. As for once Upon a Time, I loved the 1st season and then hated the second season and stopped watching it.