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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Butt Load

A few years ago when I was hanging out with James a lot... we started talking about how much a "butt load" is. When someone asks you for a butt load, how much does one give them?

We decided to give it a try and see what happened.

I asked someone for a butt load of water. This is what they gave me.

I also asked someone for a butt load of batteries. This is what I was given.

Went to the Dairy Queen. They didn't give me fry sauce. I went back and told them I wanted a butt load of fry sauce.

James and I used to go to Betos a lot. So this is where we actually started our challenge. James asked for a butt load of salsa. In Spanish of course. This is what they gave him.


Karen Ella said...

Ok, a) this is hilarious. b) knowing James, it also makes this even funnier. I LOVE it when people use phrases like this in conversation without any hesitation, and IT WORKS. Love love love it.

jamie hixon said...