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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Irelyn turns 2!

Irelyn turned 2 yesterday. Crazy. Where has the time gone. She sure is a cutie. We had a little family party for her tonight. We ate chocolate pie since that is her favorite. She opened a few presents and blew out a couple of candles.... actually she didn't want to and made her mom do it. It was all cute.

I have to say, I have always loved my family. I have always had a good time with them. What I didn't expect in my younger years is how much fun it would be to add kids to the mix. Sure it makes gatherings more loud and there is sometimes fighting and crying, but there is also a lot of laughter and and playing and it is amazing how much joy kids can bring. Just holding my baby nephew tonight and having him smile and laugh so much while I was holding him just made me happy. how could it not? I smile as I watch all the kids. Especially when they do thoughtful things. Reanne and Sierra and the queens of doing thoughtful things for others. Knowing it was Irelyn's birthday and that we were going to have a family party, they got to work cutting paper and making decorations for the party and drew her pictures.

They brought down the chalk board and made a happy birthday sign for her.

They also decorated a birthday chair and crown (a tradition that they started and I LOVE) It's the cutest.  They sure know how to make people feel special. :) I love them all so much. I love everyone in my family so much. So thankful for all of them.


Lynette Mills said...

And we love you so much Tracy! You add pizzazz to our mix!

jamie hixon said...

The birthday chair! Adorable. Irelyn is so cute. You are the best aunt.