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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bumbleberry Inn/ Zion's National Park

Our road trip took us to Springdale, Utah. Where is that you say? The city at the entrance of Zion's National Park. Originally we wanted to camp. however it is still a little too cold at night for that and so I booked a hotel room at the Bumbleberry Inn. Cute right? I thought the same thing.... until I saw the picture on our hotel building.

We still are not quite sure what a Bumbleberry is. Is it these little dwarf guys that collect blueberries? We aren't sure. The only thing we knew is that they were funny and a little creepy and we tried a bumbleberry muffin for breakfast the next morning and it was just blueberries. Also, it was good we stayed at a hotel because Allison ended up being pretty sick... from the pub we went to the night before? We aren't sure. I felt bad for her though. It was a crazy night. I didn't feel great either, but I was having different issues.

Despite how the night went... we met up with RJ and his cousin and their friends that they invited and we were ready to enjoy the beautiful day and do some hiking in Zion's.

We first hiked Angles Landing.... this was a big deal for me... therefore deserves it's own blog post. Stay tuned.

After Angles Landing, we decided to do another low key hike. Another hike after hiking for several hours? Yes. It was a little tiring, but it was good. Allison was feeling better enough to go with us on this one, so for that a lone it was worth it. We missed her at Angles Landing.

It was a nice little hike, but we were tired. So we hiked back and went out to dinner at Oscar's (which was way good) and then drove back to Provo.

It was a fun weekend adventure. I'm hoping to do an outdoor weekend adventure a month. Next month's is already planned and in the works. Can't wait!


Janet said...

Utah is so beautiful and I still miss hiking those mountains.

jamie hixon said...

Ok, I just looked at the picture and I thought the sign said "Rumbleberry." I don't know why that is so much funnier than Bumbleberry, but it just was. I was cracking up. I'm glad no crazy leprechauns sabotaged your hiking gear while you slept.