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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 214

I am trying to remember what even happened this last week... must not have been that exciting. Let's see...

Since I already blogged about my girls night on Friday, let's start off with Saturday shall we? I didn't do a whole lot. I drove up to Salt Lake for getting my eyelash extensions filled and to do our trade... except this time she had me give her mom the massage instead of her. Isn't that nice? Besides that I did my Saturday chore thing... which is water my plants and take care of my fish, do laundry and clean the kitchen... all that exciting stuff. I did another water change in my fish tank. I checked the water again... it feels like a science experiment to me. I told my cousin Dave that I failed as a reefer. Although my fish aren't dead, so I guess I haven't failed quite yet. I mostly just go off of the anemone's. I feel like they are very mad at me and maybe one is suicidal. TBD.

Saturday Allison and I also both went to a tanning bed for the first time. I have always been super against Tanning beds. I talked to a lot of people about them that go and somehow I was convinced to try it. I only paid for a month and then I'm quitting. I got this bright idea that I will go tanning and work up a base tan so that I don't get super burnt at the first summer activity. My skin is so fare, so sensitive. My first tanning session felt very weird... like I was just being laying in a casket zapped with cancer. I only went for 5 minutes in fear that I would get burned which defeats the whole purpose of why I was going. I didn't burn. The people that work there suggested going every other day until you form your base tan (color that you want) and then go once a week to keep it up. I followed the suggestion and went back on Monday. Since I didn't burn after 5 minutes, they suggested going up 2 minutes. So I went in for 7 minutes. Being less freaked out about it, I enjoyed it a little more the second time. However, I got a little pink... everywhere my body has NEVER seen the sun before in my life. Which... is a lot since I have always worn one piece bathing suits. It wasn't a bad burn, just a tad bit itchy. So I went back on Wednesday. I told them that I had slightly burned but not bad and they told me to go down a minute, so I went for 6 minutes. Since I was already burned, I formed another burn on top of a burn (again... my legs, arms and face were all fine, it was my tummy and butt and such that got the burn). This time I felt it right away and I was SUPER uncomfortable and SUPER itchy ALL day. YIKES!! Such a bad idea. I should have waited I guess. Well you live and you learn. I was itching all night last night and just piling on aloe and lotion. Today was a little bit better... but I'm still itchy and burned. Hopefully I don't peel bad. I will probably wait until next week before I give it another go. For sure when my month is up, I'm not doing this again. Maybe my body is just not meant to tan. At least I tried once. Hopefully I have SOME good results by the end of April. We shall see.

Allison and I were hanging out after tanning on Saturday and my neighbor Jed came over. We were all just hanging out chatting and then somehow it got brought up that Allison and I had not seen Silence of the Lambs and it was just put on Netflix. After midnight Jed convinces us to watch Silence of the Lambs. FREAKED OUT! Anthony Hopkins plays a really good creeper! I for sure had to watch someone else before I went to bed so I could actually sleep. I was up REALLY late. Thanks Jed!

I slowed down on reading, so I'm still working on "A Single Voice". However, I finished "Wilfred" on Netflix. It was just ok. I know John really loved it, and I can see why he liked it, because he is all into philosophy and the deeper meaning of stuff... I get that aspect of it and can appreciate that, but there were too many other things that I didn't care for. It was a little weird. I am not in the middle of watching "The Killing" which was on the long list of shows to watch given to me from one of the top managers at Novell. I don't know how we got talking about shows, but she came to my office one day and wrote out this long list of shows I just had to watch. Some of them I already had, most I had not. Sadly a lot of them are not on Netflix either which is my main source of TV watching. Anyway... The Killing was one of them and I am in the second season and I am loving it. It is intense. All about trying to solve this murder case. So interesting with all the plot twists... you think it is one person and then you learn it's not them so on and so forth. I dig it.

Hung out with the family as I usually do on Sunday. I always enjoy it. It was cute to watch Sierra and Irelyn play together. They were having fun with these masks. So cute I had to take a picture.

Pilates this week was awesome. Why? Well, it was beautiful outside and there were only a couple of us that showed up in class, so I suggested we take class outside. So we did. I was in heaven. Best of both worlds. Getting a work out while also enjoying and soaking in the sunshine. I hope we do it again. The only thing about it that was kind of annoying was that we were out in the middle of the grass for everyone to see. I didn't really care too much about that until I heard the guys working on the roof "Oh hey guys, they are done..." they had all been watching us do pilates from the roof. Great....

Tuesday I went bathing suit shopping with Mckenzie. All my bathing suits are too big since I lost weight. I had been looking online for a cute bathing suit. You know... that is a harder task than it should be. There are not a lot of cute one pieces or tankini's. There are a TON of cute bikini's. Not helpful. Even if I wanted to wear one, it wouldn't look good on me. So Mckenzie and I were searching online. We found a couple of promising ones online and decided to go try them on in the stores on Tuesday. First up was Macy's. Turns out they didn't have the suit in the store, online online. FAIL! I may just have to order it online... but then you run the risk of it not looking good on you or not fitting. Well... I might just have to take that chance since it is so hard to find a cute swim suit. The second stop was JC Penny. That suit was actually there and I liked it and bought it and it was cheap! Success! Too bad trying on swim suits is so depressing... even after losing weight. They are just so.... revealing. Maybe I should just put one on first thing everyday to motivate me to be strict on my diet every day. :)

Tuesday night I also got to skype with John. That was fun. Not that I love skype or Facetime... I actually don't. I feel like it is super awkward. I hate seeing myself in the little box. However, it was great to see and talk to him. Technology is great.

This week at work my boss bought us Cafe Rio and we watched our favorite video clips... just for fun. It is nice that they try and do stuff like that for us to help make work more fun... It really makes a difference. Next we are having a fancy cheese tasting party.

I don't know why, but this week I have felt so irritated and frustrated and lonely. No, it's not that time of the month... and even when it is I don't get like that. I don't know why I have been feeling like that. Feeling slightly left out... like I don't have my person I can do things with. Partially work... it's quarter end time. Partially because of my sunburn? I have been getting a lot of sleep lately. I have been going to bed kind of early in fact and the other night I got 96% on my sleep cycle app... so it's not that. I can't really quite put my finger on it, but I have felt this way all week and haven't really wanted to do much or see many people. I have just been hibernating in my basement. It's not healthy. Hopefully I snap out of it soon. I don't like being this way. I want to be my happy and fun normal self.

I am still up on my Spanish lessons... it's slowly coming back to me. I hope this app doesn't run out of lessons and just keeps helping me progress because I am loving duolingo.

Last night I went to the piano bar (Keys on Main) in SLC for the second time to see my neighbor Jed at work. What a fun job. He is so good and so fun. He even convinced me to get up and sing Total Eclipse of the Heart. It wasn't my best performance, but I have to say it is totally different to perform with live music than karaoke. It is also really hard for me to choose a song. So Jed chose for me. I told him next time we have to do a classic duet together... especially since we can practice at home. He agreed. Either way, the piano bar is a good time. I will go again for sure.

My friend Ty that I sang Endless Love with and sang in church with, I found out he might move in next door with Jed. That would be a lot of awesomeness and musical talent in one house. I hope he does. That would be so fun.

The running shoes that I designed on the Nike website that I paid for with my 5 year work bonus finally came. I love them. I went for a run in them... not only are they cute but they are SO comfortable. I wish I would have had these when I ran my half marathon. Man... shoes make all the difference. They have great support, nice cushion AND they are so light weight! I'm excited for these shoes.


Louisa said...

The Killing is great. I was actually almost surprised by it's ending, which is rare for me. It took me longer than normal to figure out what happened. I'm really good at figuring out plots. :)

Kayleigh said...

I used to tan a lot. A LOT. I'm surprised that the girls at the salon recommended you go up to 7 minutes after going only once before. With your fair skin they should have told you to go for 5 minutes the first few times you go, so you don't burn.

Also, have you tried vinegar after a sunburn? It sounds weird, but it really helps take the sting and the itch away. You can put 1/2 cup of plain white vinegar in a tub full of water & soak for a few minutes, or you can put it on a cotton ball and dab the burned area. I'd recommend the tub for large areas. And the smell goes away after it dries.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the advice Kayleigh. I should have talked to you before going! ha ha