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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dinkey Creek Video

I know... this took me for forever. We went to Dinkey Creek in July. I wasn't super into making this video because I didn't feel like I got enough video to make a super interesting video. However... I'm ready and excited for summer and ran across these video's and don't like unfinished projects and thought I should finish this one so I can get started on Southeast Asia.

It's short and simple and all about the kids... and I only video taped a few different things, but it's still cute and fun. Enjoy!



Lynette Mills said...


jamie hixon said...

It is kind of weird to see this video, I'll admit. It is like my childhood and adulthood colliding. Plus, I wasn't there. (Insert big frowny face) We will have to go next time.

PS That water looks so nasty! Ha.

Lori said...

Awesome! When you first put this post up I couldn't view the video...but, it worked for me this time! Thanks, super cute :) Love you