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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Coin Art

My friend Nikki wanted to do something today. Originally we were going to go on an adventure, but since it was kind of a cold and gloomy day, we decided to do a craft instead. We went to our Pinterest boards to get inspired.

I had been looking at doing some coin art I had seen, so we went for that. I was almost going to call this a Pinterest fail... but I think mine turned out ok.

The craft? All you have to do if glue coins on to block letters. Because I wanted smaller letters... it was hard to fit coins on in a way that looked good. So given what I had, I did the best that I could. I liked that I did different coins to have different sizes. Made it more unique.

I was going to make one that said travel and use pennies and put it in my basement living room. However I decided I wanted to make one for the upstairs living room instead. So a silver LOVE matched better. Instead Nikki did the travel one. She is not done yet because she needs more pennies... but so far I am loving the way it looks.

Here's mine displayed in the living room.

I like that this was a cute but simple craft that didn't take a lot of work or time or money (if you already have all the change sitting around like I did). Here we are crafting with our glue guns! *I have a big forehead*


Lynette Mills said...

Cute stuff

jamie hixon said...

This way, if you need some change during the apocalypse, you have a stash.