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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Berry Tea Party

Warning... there is going to be a picture overload!

It's no secret I love tea parties. I bought a tea set years ago and I try and use it every chance I get. I wanted to have a tea party this spring. I contacted my friend Lexi (the one I met and became friends with through the flash mob I did 3 years ago) and she got so excited about the idea. In fact, she wanted to kick it up a notch... because she is one of my many friends that are go getters. She is a talented graphic designer and wanted to make it a collaboration event to have our different friends display and share their talents and to share it with photo's and gain a following on instagram and hopefully get more business. So we started planning and inviting our friends.

Alexi first designed and sent out the invite...  she also designed the menu and other cards for the party.

We both planned the party. I found the location, we both brought stuff to set it up and put on the event. We asked all of the girls that came to bring flowers so that we could hang them from the trees.

I made the food. Food turned out great. Recipes were of course found on Pinterest and were perfect tea party food. Cucumber Bites and Cucumber, Strawberry & Basil sandwiches and LOTS of berries.

My friend Julia arranged the beautiful flowers

Alexi's friend Amy made the cake. I LOVE the new style of the naked cakes! So cute and it tasted SO good.

Then Alexi's friend Kelsey took all of the pictures. She did an amazing job. The pictures turned out beautiful. We all dressed up and another one of Alexi's friend made flower crowns that we all wore which I thought was a really cute touch. It all turned out PERFECT!!! It was seriously the most magical tea party... there were even deer walking around the orchards while we were there. Thank you to everyone that came and helped with putting it on. It was seriously even better than I imagined. These girls are talented, fun and beautiful. I even made some new friends. SUCCESS!!!


jamie hixon said...

OH MY HEAVENS how cute are you?? And that truly does look magical. I want to go to there!! Gorgeous everything!

Lori said...

how fun! You all look like fairies or something and the girl next to you is your twin (in clothes) was there a color scheme for the dress up planned? such great pictures :)I like your outfit a lot and you look beautiful, as always! Love you.

Tracy Mills said...

Yes Lori, there was supposed to be a color scheme for the tea party. The fact that the girl next to me is wearing the same thing as me is kind of funny because white was not one of the colors we were supped to wear. I just didn't have any cream.